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If you had the chance, would you create a social profile for your HOME. With MEHOME you draw your house, insert the apliances, furniture, everything you want, and then you start sharing saving tips, controlling energy loses, and seeing good ideas to transorm your house to an Ecohouse

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With this app you can see where your house is losing energy, resources... money. Maybe its an appliance, or how the walls were made. Once you hace where, you can find a solution, or look at other more efficident houses in you social circles and use their tips for yours. A community created to transform our homes to intelligent ones. Less waste of resources, less generation of CO2, less energy pour homes, a sustainable world.

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The proposed solution consists in a interactive surrounding with an app and a webpage, where you create yoor home profile, you get all the information you want to, and get the results: energy waste, CO2 generated, resources wasted. And then you get the solutions: how to isolate your house, which appliances you should change, how your friends and neighbours get more confortable homes, tips to save water, wich furniture is more eco-friendly. Everything with te support of the MEHOME social network where you can see how everybody is getting their houses to a more efficient, green, ECO and sustanaible status, and you can share how you do it as well. Fun, interactive and very entertaining way to get your ECOHOUSE.
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You hace your home and you are paying too much in energy and water bills, and you are no even confortable in it. And you heard about the MEHOME app. You get it and You draw your home, your appliances, your nice green carpet, windows, and even the energy efficiency information that an engineer give you a year ago when you wanted to know where you were losing heat. Now you have the draw, now it's time to get the results. You should change the fridge, and MEHOME is telling you that your friend Peter has the nee ECOfriendly A++ new fridge. MEHOME thinks that you should chage your fridge to a more isolated interior wall. It keeps giving you more and more information, while you are having fun. Know you have a hundred possibilities to get ECO.

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There are a lot of webpages and blogs where you can learn about sustainable living, and even ask specific questions about you home. But there is not a place which all the information gets reunited and where you can get as interactive as to build you own home and see specific problems and solutions.
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I'm very interested on sustainable ways of living. We are inside our homes a lot of hours. If we want a sustainable world, we have to change the way we live in our home, and the way our house uses energy and resources. With this idea in mind, and having already started a personal blog to share eco tips (, and seeing the succes of social games like The Sims, Farmville... I thought it would be a good idea give people the possibility to play with their homes and get all the information, tips, data, and everything they need to get a sustainable home. Besides, I think MEHOME could have great potential getting in other sustainable aspects live nutrition and sanitation. Once you have your MEHOME drawn, draw your life IN.

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Agua, Greenhouse Gases, Waste.

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The possible customers are everybody that has his own house, rented or bought. Once the bills start to arrive everybody wants to save. If you can change their ming and show them that its more than turing off the ligths, that the world of saving is gigantic, that its a million ways to get a confortable, sustainable, green ECO house, they will want to participate.

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The impact expected in the future is big. Not a big as another kind of super succesful social network, but at least as big as it would mean to get all the people interested in gardening, interiors, architecture, cooking, sustainability, ecohouses... all of them in the same place, playing with their homes and sharing great tips.
I think this app, webpage and social network could get a lot of people interested in saving, more so with the international crisis we are in right now.
The succes of games like The Sims, where a lot of people played to draw their own homes, and project upgrades and chages, gives the idea of the level of investment people are with their homes.

Growth, Finance & Leadership
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The most important thing is to get an app where we offer people to draw their home. Then, we are going to introduce possibilities to expand the information the use can get in.
Its very important too to connect with the social network, that will grow at the same time that the app and the webpage.
The options to expand are as much as information we let users to introduce.
If we can start to let people share cooking green and sustainable dishes, we would provide an extensión for the app.
The idea is getting a main app and in the future, it this works, get more miniapps to implement to your home app.
I thins it has a great potential.

Financial Sustainability: What is your business model to ensure financial sustainability?

The financial sustainability: A lot of brands of furniture, appliances, wall paint, tiles and all the enterprises that creat of homes, They could be interesten in take part in a big model repository where they can offer their ECOproduct, Energy saving appliances, Sustainable furniture, and put the links to their online shops.
To do that thei woud have to pay as much a users click in their links, and their could get promo spots too.

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For now, I´ve only started a personal blog, where I share saving tips. I am new to this, but that its why I want this so much. I think this project could be perfect to get people more aware of how their houses work and how they could be more sustainable, and in a fun a interactive way.