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All Star Home Inspector : Protecting Your Family one home at a time

Phoenix, Estados UnidosEstados Unidos
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$1,000 - $10,000
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All Star Home Inspections come with a full report describing any problems and issues that a home may have.  

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You knew your new home was safe?
About Project

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Unsafe housing for commercial and residential properties.

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Most common issues that are overlooked can be the reason of pay offs or bribes. A famous recent case in North America happened in Las Vegas, Nevada where a City Center Casino and resort was built with an unstructurally sound building that would have collapsed. The building was near completion when an outside engineer pulled the plug and the building was forced into heavy litigation and tear down procedures.
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We help families to move into a home that may not have been properly inspected by a vetted and reviewed inspector. Having a review system in place we can be the Uber of Home Inspections.

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Possibly saved lives. We dont want to think of the dangers out there without our help.

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Our mission is to create a sound and ethical system where all home inspectors are completely vetted, rated, reviewed, and licensed to do home inspections to ensure that all properties sold and looked at are structurally sound and