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Aclimatando: Movimiento argentino de jóvenes frente al Cambio Climático

San Miguel de Tucumán, ArgentinaArgentina
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Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil
Etapa del Proyecto:
< $1,000
Resumen del Proyecto
Presentación del Proyecto!

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Is a national movement with young people arround the country with the objective of install the problematic of the climate change in public policy. Also to comunicate about the problematic and iniciatives in a positive masagge giving capacitacions, using social networks.

¿QUE PASA SI..? - inspiración: escriba una frase que describa una manera en la que su proyecto se atreve a preguntar, "¿QUE PASA SI..?"

1) What would happen if Aclimatando install the problematic of the climate change in the Argentinian public and private agenda? The actors with
About Project

Problema: ¿Qué problema está tratando de abordar este proyecto?

1)Communication There is a lack of communication in the civil society about topics referred to the climate change. 2)Connection There isn´t between the national organizations and young people. 4) Policies There are low levels of investment and financing public programs and specific projects of mitigation and adaptation.

Solución: cuál es la solución propuesta? Por favor sé específico!

- COMUNICATION: In terms of social development, we reach to the lack of education of the young people. Across our campaigns and meetings we are producing concern and achieving involvement on the topic. -CONECTION: We are in constant contact with initiatives that reach policies of adjustment and mitigation in the localities. -PRIVATE sector: Across the diffusion of the good initiatives in our channels of diffusion, increase the possibilities of involving young people in this type of actions. We add responsible consumers and clients to companies provoking that in the future there is increase in green employments. - PUBLIC policies: The adjustment to the climate change means a production of food and raw material in sustainable form.
Impact: How does it Work

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Aclimatando works in differet levels. 1)To create an adaptation policy in Argentina is necessary to explain the civil society the importance of this. So we give capacitations to civil society. 2)After this, the organizations can make presions to politics by using media. So we have good canals and creative ways to call the atention. 4) To spread the results is necessary a network. So we work hardly to spread the message in our organizations.

Impacto: ¿Cuál ha sido el impacto del trabajo hasta ahora? Asimismo, describa el impacto previsto en el futuro para los próximos años.

-We had nucleate 25 young people of the whole country who at a platform that works of efficient form. -In every locality we are multipliers and adding up followers to the movement. -Across the information that we offer we are making awareness and changing conducts. -Five (5) virtual meetings with experts to plan the strategies between us. -Approximation to more than ten (10) organizations specialized in the topic -mapping - web page - fanpage in Facebook with more than 2000 followers in 1 month of functioning, -map with the focal points of Aclimatando, -video channels on youtube, -documents on international negotiations of Climate change -Graphical design of the institutional image. -Presentation in national congress -2 workshops in provinces -15 articles about climate change in the media

Estrategias de Expansión: Avanzar, qué son los estrategias principales para ampliar su impacto?

The first instance is to guarantee the work of 25 active young people who already form part of the movement. Secondly to integrate to whom have demonstrated interest to form a part. Finally add up actors in different provinces in order the representation can be uniform in the regions. The movement can be adapted in other countries especially in Latin America, because the realities of the young people are similar. We would like to advice and to comment the experience in the coordination of the activities and the functioning of the movement.

Plan de Sustentabilidad Financiera: ¿Cuál es el plan para asegurar la sostenibilidad financiera de esta solución?

- using media we call the attention of possible financier entities. -throw a national campaign referred to the topics we would offer publicity´s spaces -we will look for support witthe trainings in different provinces. -we will plan a national conference -we will finish our project to present in confinable companies that has a Social Respons -we will ask to national governments the support to participate in COY and COP20

Mercado: ¿Quién mas está abordando el problema aquí descrito ? ¿Cómo difiere el proyecto propuesto de esos enfoques?

- Click: Movement of Latin-American and Caribbean Young people for to the Climate change. It is a space where the youth canalizes his energy towards creative and innovative solutions against to the Climate change. - Climatic caravan: young people that are travelling in a bus from Mexico to Lima with the vision of the young persons of the region. We differ because we have specific projects and actions in our localities. We are really filled with enthusiasm; in a few months of functioning we have developed several activities to position the Movement and to improve the structure.

Historia fundacional

From the experience in June, 2013 in Istanbul, where seven young people were selected to be part of the Conference Global Power Shift, the saw the need to begin to act in the matter of Climate Change. For it, they decided to make fundraising, to realize a conference of awareness in the subject with experts. Also to select 25 young people of different provinces of the country to share a weekend in Baradero, Buenos Aires to think as a whole the best option to continuing, so they called it Aclimatando.

El Equipo

In the team we possess professional experiences in strategic areas for the development of the Movement. We are working in 3 groups: Communication, incidence and connections. The team is opened for the incorporation of new members. The personal initiatives can be execute by sharing the process and results between the members.