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VOOSILLA: Free L{i}bre Open Source Human and Biosphere Friendly Hardware solutions

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$1 million - $5 million
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The Voosilla project designs, produces and delivers, under Free Libre Open Source licence, low-tech Human and Biosphere Friendly hardware solutions easy to manufacture, assembly, install, plug-and-play, repair, maintain, modify and copy, beginning with small wind turbines.

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What if you could produce freely your own electricity easily, some water from the air, and create an independant wireless network, only with "Free" small wind turbine system easy to manufacture, assembly, install, plug-and-play, repair and maintain ?
About Project

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Most of the time, we can't understand how are build the hardware we use. And then, we can't repair them. Most of the time it is forbidden to reproduce them, to modify or to improve them. We are prisoners of those hardware. Sometime, some products are delivered under opensource licence. But they are difficult to replicate, to manufacture. Often, they are designed for Do It Your Self purpose, but not for serial production, not for massive market.

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We want to conceive, produce and deliver, some Human & Biosphere Friendly products with massive impact potential, in a easy way-to-replicate-them, ready to be locally manufactured anywhere for large distribution if necessary, across "low-tech" principles and free entire needed documentation, under Free Libre Open Source Hardware licence. This will give the power back in the hand of the users and relocate manufacturing processes locally. Our first product is a Modular Universal Small Wind Turbine system, able to deliver: a) electricity for small equipments or for residential energy storage; b) an independent wireless network; and c) an air humidity into drinkable water transformer.


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