Changing Minds

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Changing Minds: ¿Consumes, o te consumen?

San Jose, Costa RicaSan Jose, Costa Rica
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Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil
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< $1,000
Resumen del Proyecto
Presentación del Proyecto!

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We are a group of young tired of seeing things happen and not be part of the change, we seek to create awareness in Costa Rican society about their patterns of consumption, and thereby combating climate change.

¿QUE PASA SI..? - inspiración: escriba una frase que describa una manera en la que su proyecto se atreve a preguntar, "¿QUE PASA SI..?"

What if we thought before buying?
About Project

Problema: ¿Qué problema está tratando de abordar este proyecto?

Especially we work on sustainable consumption, reducing the environmental impact of our consumption.

Solución: cuál es la solución propuesta? Por favor sé específico!

Awareness campaigns, in addition to urban interventions. Focused on younger generations.
Impact: How does it Work

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We think of an affordable solution, with easy ideas to make that gradual implementation can have a huge effect on the environment. Example rational use of garbage bags, food, use of technology or the use of our time.

Impacto: ¿Cuál ha sido el impacto del trabajo hasta ahora? Asimismo, describa el impacto previsto en el futuro para los próximos años.

We are just beginning, but since we have several companies and universities interested in creating campaigns thinking about excessive consumerism that is having. We have many plans for the future and create green placed in the seven provinces of Costa Rica, working together with the Ministry of Education and the National Ministry of Environment and Energy to reach more young people are the future buyers of tomorrow.

Estrategias de Expansión: Avanzar, qué son los estrategias principales para ampliar su impacto?

Facebook mainly. We are in the struggle for our website.

Plan de Sustentabilidad Financiera: ¿Cuál es el plan para asegurar la sostenibilidad financiera de esta solución?

By the time we have with the resources of each of the members, while not generate large expenses, but in future we provide consulting services to private companies, with which we will be bringing the market a not worked.

Mercado: ¿Quién mas está abordando el problema aquí descrito ? ¿Cómo difiere el proyecto propuesto de esos enfoques?

At the moment we have not found any other movement like us in Costa Rica. We are pioneers embracing the theme of consumerism and climate change.

Historia fundacional

The initiative came as the final part of an international volunteer, me the founder, Danelia Zuñiga along with my college friends, we builded a youth movement, with which we want to make a change. We are a multidisciplinary group that seeks to create a great impact on young minds that more resources wasted on unnecessary things.

El Equipo

Danelia Zuñiga - Founder. Carlos Chavez - Co-founder.