Datafarma Project

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Datafarma Project

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Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Datafarma is a platform display information about outbreaks, monitoring diseases (sick tracking, treatment duration and relapse time), generic medicines and location and contact details of Organizations or Associations related to the disease.

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What if using open data we could find information about disease, alternatives support for patient management, Organizations or Associations related to the disease in specific location and alternatives for generic medicines worldwide?
About Project

Problema: ¿Qué problema está tratando de abordar este proyecto?

Unknowledge about alternatives of generic medicines, The price of medicines where to get them? There is verifiable information? and the treatment of some diseases is very high. In some cases, there is knowledge of the existence of Civil Organizations, but they are not linked to them because they do not find support and accompaniment. Do not get enough information from public health institutions. Limited availability of effective medicine

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The platform allows to find detailed information about the disease, treatments with generic medicines available, laboratories that produce and information about Civil Associations and organizations that support and guide patient care.


One of the two winning projects of Open Seventeen Challenge
Impact: How does it Work

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Ana is frustrated patient with the health system in her country, the aid received to treat her disease has been minimal. She wants to find cheaper treatments and civil organizations that provide information and real support. Fernando want to establish partnerships with other organizations in the region to introduce the experience of other countries about the treatments they use and whether they are effective or not. DATAFARMA partly contributes in solving a problem of public health and social security inclusion, then organizes and updates the information in maps, showing real and verifiable details of diseases, Civil Organization and generic medicines in a single platform.

Impacto: ¿Cuál ha sido el impacto del trabajo hasta ahora? Asimismo, describa el impacto previsto en el futuro para los próximos años.

If we analyze Hepatitis C, according to the World Health Organization, there exists an estimate of 150 million people infected with the VHC virus, and the annual death toll of Hepatitis C related diseases is between 300 and 500 thousand people. In Colombia and Mexico there many ONG dedicates to dedicated to supporting patients with hepatitis C, but, they dont have a common space where they can share methodologies and generate a cooperative links. In addition, the patients doesn't know about this association and they doesn't have benefits We have a contact with Antonio Oñate, director of Hepatos Aion Fundation member of World Hepatitis Alliance and part of the campaign Hablemos de Hepatitis C in Mexico, and contact with other Civil Organization in Colombia. currently , we launched a crowdmap campaign and a blog, we projected a functional platform with verifiabledata for February 2016

Estrategias de Expansión: Avanzar, qué son los estrategias principales para ampliar su impacto?

The Civil Association should be organized and visible, metrics and data of the disease and share this information for the patients, other Civil Association and poblation. The Civil asociation should have a common metodology and best practice manuals The healt public institution should have credible and verificable indicators We make relationship through: Creating communities among patients and civil associations, Weekly publication of specialized newspapers, Management of social networks, Centralization of information related to the disease, Experiential workshops and show visual map .

Plan de Sustentabilidad Financiera: ¿Cuál es el plan para asegurar la sostenibilidad financiera de esta solución?

Reveneu Streams: 1.Sale of advertising space to pharmaceutical, clinical laboratories and ancillary health services 2.Sale of specialized data base 3.Recovery quotas experiential workshops 4.emailing campaigns 5.Strategic alliances with medical institutions and pharmaceuticals 6.Consultations for management and treatment of health data for public institutions and ONG'S 7.Replicate platform for various diseases and countries 8.Donatives

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1. U.S. Food and Drug Adminitration (FDA). 2. Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, India. 3. 4. Diseases: Although these platforms provide information on diseases, but they do not take into account patients situation, generic medicine, patient management location and contact details of Organizations or Associations related to the disease.

Historia fundacional

We belong to a society in which everyone should have the same opportunities to solve problems, especially health area. we've all been sick ever and feel bad and feel frustration try to find information and alternatives for fast recovery, Janeth Cifuentes and me belive the lack of information and platforms that provide substantial and just in time information about treatment alternatives, cheaper treatment options, medical and emotional support, patient care procedures, deprived of opportunities to health problems can be treated in good time and we have minimizen damage. If we provide tools to help sotution health problems in the population more efficiently we can change our society.

El Equipo

Our Team are: Janeth Cifuetes and Jose M. Mejia leaders team Abiel Parra web developer and UX Ale gary and Julia Gianella Designer and data visualization manager We are a strong team and we dedicate seven months for obtain and order information. Recently we launch a data crowfoundig in crowmap and we have contacts and information very important. Our campaign is: We are contact and add a data analyst and contact with Civil Association for process information.
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