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INTELLIGENT RECYCLING NETWORK: Online platform for the collection of recyclable waste smart

Barinas, VenezuelaBarinas, Venezuela
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$1,000 - $10,000
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We provide services for segregation, collection , logistics, use and recovery of uncontaminated online and in real time via a digital platform non-hazardous recyclable waste.

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REDIR ( RECYCLING INTELLIGENT NETWORK ) bid to achieve ercoger reshape our waste in Latin America and it is time to look forward and intelligently recycle from the internet, leave behind the traditional for MSW services
About Project

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Environmental Pollution repre a threat to human species, animals and plants , Today the son DIFFERENT bulbs Generation pollution. A prominent focus of pollution is the generation, management and final disposal of Municipal Solid Waste " MSW " Hazardous Waste and Allied Today Representing UN World Challenge in environmental and a business opportunity and sustainable development.

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Since today there is a lack of digital products that meet the needs of collection of recyclable waste and a market of willing digital users to consume new digital products is REDIR facing the challenge to create an online platform that serves as an operator for collection of recyclable waste by an intelligent algorithm that manages to connect to the different stakeholders involved in waste, thus generating a new intelligent network of recycling, efficient and sustainable , able to meet the most demanding cities in the area of ​​sanitation and waste treatment .


The organizing committee of the V Annual Award of Eco-efficiency and Cleaner Production certifies that Mauro Torres has been awarded the Innovation of the Year category . Caracas November 28, 2014 .
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The network works with an algorithm for multiple users according to their category , where in a single online platform interface , demand, supply , reporting and collection of recyclable waste is carried out based on the item kilogram ABC applying the principles of logistics costs IDB . The source reports the need for collection , the recuperative demand and offers collection system generates based on the triangulated smart recycle circuits making sustainable collection of such waste.

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Basically the idea is to use this system for collecting and removing garbage collection service now present in most Latin American cities that makes classic collection system that pollutes all waste in the process. Redir is accomplished with recycle 88 % of waste recycled mostly , with the advantage that many cities have better and easier access to Internet that efficient sanitation methods highlighting a 98 % penetration of communications services in large cities Latin American .

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An advantage of this system of collection of recyclable waste is cut in spending incurred today the majority of municipalities in Latin America providing 60% of the game to sanitation . The urgent need for economic reintegrate society and its per capita waste generation environmental makes it attractive to use a platform to get to it is to recycle intelligent mind .

Plan de Sustentabilidad Financiera: ¿Cuál es el plan para asegurar la sostenibilidad financiera de esta solución?

REDIR is basically a platform that is free for the majority of users and concept of successful operations within the network ( each circuit completed waste collection ) a fee is charged , payable with the same recyclable waste from the source. In other words the freemium model implemented for redir makes successful system , since the costs are deducted from the operation in transit by super- profitable.

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Well there are many companies in the sanitation sector ; public , mixed and private but lack of innovation , they see no other approach to management through ICTs. We have on the one hand recycling companies that handle bags management charges are not fully loaded . Services RSU polluting throughout the collection process , and very limited in the concept of smart citys software.

Historia fundacional

Good Mauro Torres has more than two especialiandoce year in the field, receiving numerous awards and specialist advice in Venezuela and contacting the best in Latin America . Certainly long way to go , interest in preserving the environment and achieve first of all change the regional approach to this proposal.

El Equipo

The operational team for the network in any municipality is 3 people. One operator , one auditor and one promoter. REDIR currently does not have a dynamic team but rather a solo venture with much support, training and consulting partner organizations and related late to the issue .