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Maria Barquero

Name: Maria Barquero

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Mayo 15, 2009 / 0 Comments / in

Hotel Punta Islita builds pillars and bridges to facilitate integral growth. It departs from enclave hotel models by interweaving its social and natural context in the visitor's experiences. It encourages cultural interaction and provides travelers with the guidance necessary to have an active role in the protection and recovery of human and natural resources. Locally, it provides employment and professional development avenues, it supports micro companies through inclusive purchasing policies, it promotes local education, and has set formal spaces for the creation of autochthonous art.

Mayo 12, 2009 / 0 Comments / in

El Silencio Lodge & Spa features is a premium boutique hotel set in a 500 acre private natural reserve. Located between two national parks, it serves as a natural corridor for hundreds of local species. El Silencio’s tropical cloud forest has been duly registered with FONAFIFO, the Costa Rican Forestry Development Fund. The hotel has been limited to sixteen lodging units to minimize density and ensure optimal carrying capacity.

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Hotel Punta Islita orienta su actividad hotelera hacia la construcción de pilares y puentes para crecimiento integral. Rompe con tendencias de enclave e hilvana su contexto social y natural en la experiencia del visitante. Propicia la interacción cultural y brinda guía al turista para permitirle ser partícipe activo en la protección y recuperación de los recursos humanos y naturales.