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Organization: teamLEOnardo
Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LEO-LowEarthOrbit-HPHP-HumanPoweredHelicopterProje…
Title: social innovator, inventor, creatorologist (Ashoka Fellow by choice).

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Natural M (Natural MOM) is an initiative of MOTHEARTH™. Our program identifies the BEST attributes of femininity, 'WiTHiN' soon to be mothers, & helps to calibrate the atmosphere MOST conducive to painless childbirth. Our organization has been certified by Mothers all over the planet & around the world. Nature is the most important attribute of bearing those children who will mature to nurture nature based upon those first precious moments of life, after birth, IMPRINTING the infant with innately infinite LOVE FOR his/her MOTHEARTH™.

Imagine need ME’t’ya (Imagine me, too you in need, I’m new media)

imaginnediaWEBSITE: American Idol meets social idol.

imaginnedia = immediately using ANY media/tool(s) at hand, to build on people’s strengths &/or weaknesses, to hone us all into examples for global good [balance/collective-harmony] from different places around the world.

A website for people to nominate others who've changed their lives, by being an example,
sharing words of wisdom or making eye contact
with the tiniest SMiLE [Subtle Mona i (am) Lisa Empathetic] to innovatively,
reach others like Lisa does 4USAll in love with freedom, evoking the imagination to dream,
while awake.

Intl. Media'House for & [owned] by children to grow youthful’GLOBAL’interests...to heal "&" prevent... adult-error behavior.

Our future’s in our children's hands; global & honest peer/democratic voting/review... in ovation... for me & you.

Educational reformation; forums answering how best to encourage youthful’GLOBAL’change, without egos built by time/aging.

DAILY REMINDER @ 08:12 or 20:12 P.M. [eve] our project/network will aid global-members (WEMEDIA-entrants?) in focusing on positive notions/stories; to influence practical transformation, beginning Jan 1st 2010 - Dec 2012 & beyond. 'NOW' you're reading positive change/media; it’s begun dissolving negativities [collective-prediction/living biographies] young & old.

S.A.V.E. H²O for EARTHLINGS (Solar Aquifer Virgin Energy/Water for Earthlings): Power-generating solar-powered water purification & collection bio-domes built at sea & on land, and then pipe or ship the water to members & nutrition-based-gardens. Online water reclamation competitions will determine which members to showcase & reward.

Nutritional & Chemical Analysis of Hemp Seeds.

General Analysis:
22.5% Protein,
30% Fat,
5.7% Moisture,
5.9% Ash,
503cal/100g Energy.

The Following, Per 100g:
16,800IU/lb. Carotene (pro vitamin A),
0.9mg Thiamin (vitamin B1),
1.1mg Riboflavin (B2),
0.3mg Pyridoxine (B6),
2.5mg Niacin (B3),
1.4mg Ascorbic Acid (C),
<10IU Calciferol (D),
03mg Tocopherol (E),
32.1% Insoluble Fiber,
03.0% Soluble Dietary Fiber,
35.1% total Dietary Fiber.

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"Why be a follower & pay for it...when you can be a leader & get paid for it?" College tuition's far more imPORTant than countless hours playing video-games. Yet, when given the opportunity to sell calendars/photos/cards of their favorite football stars, children/adults will teach/learn how/why...

"The Weight Is Over!”


"Why be a follower & pay for it...when you can be a leader & get paid for it?" We propose the film "BOOTFALLS_DANCE THEORY 101". Brother & sister work through hard_times when moving from big_city to farm_town where football & dance are for jerks & sissies, until BOOTFALLS arrives.

Help-US-heal_the_Great_Pacific_[Gyre]_Garbage_Patch (G-Patch) with BLUE WORLD HERITAGE at the helm...we follow the leader, OUR OCEAN, within the ‘balance’ of ebb & flow, giving back what we take to grow, to plant SEEDS_of_understanding http://www.changemakers.com/en-us/node/53983  ‘SOW_very_necessary to prolong ‘human’ life on Earth'; situation’s more dire than we know!