Adeyinka Adiatu


Name: Adeyinka Adiatu
Organization: ForLynx

Publicaciones del Desafío

Mutespeak’s mission is to bring about change by inspiring individuals (16-30) to seek a solution to the problems that we face today rather than support empty causes.

A social enterprising project that encourages conscious consumerism in exchange for creating jobs that contributes to global sustainability. Our mission is to divert landfill and recycled waste to create luxury housing and resort development that will contribute to the balance of other communities.

ForLynx aims to solve the growing lack of "knowledge" in communities today. Not just in terms of education; it is about being worldly and enlightened about things that are necessary for our survival as well as for the survival of our humanity. We are innovative in our approach as we plan to have a two step system.

MuteSpeak is an organization that is geared towards promoting literacy through youth oriented events such as open mics to encourage individuals to be more verbally expressive. It intends to serve as a support system advocating against negativity and empowering today's youths to want to achieve more than they limit themselves to.

Diye Hard intends to reconnect the humanitarianism by uniquely combining fashion and science.