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Jun 25, 2014 / 3 Comments / in Arte y cultura, Educación, Desarrollo de la juventud

Through the creation of confident performance of proud identity, collective values and a shared vision, silenced and excluded children and youth in extreme risk can turn intimate affirmation into the courage to transform experience of exclusion into new knowledge and social values. Using their own backyards and streets as spaces of play and creative experiment, they can become artists, cultural organizers and producers of their own micro-projects and ethical community.

Micro-tecnologia cotidiana e filme comunitário criado por jovens lideranças resignificando o bairro ribeirinho Cabelo Seco e, cercado por preconceitos e escolas em crise, em uma referência internacional de como cultivar um futuro sustentável na Amazonia.

We are an international organization based in the Brazilian Amazon which cultivates sustainable communities of transformation through the arts in education.