Martin Rozenblum


Name: Martin Rozenblum
Prof. Ian Mac Millan said "Cash is a scarce resource, Imagination is Unlimited..." and in that first lesson in college, is where I searched for the solution to find a way to help all the compelling causes that I came across as a result of my philanthropic and business interests. Creating Visibility was the answer: a technology platform dedicated to empowering philanthropy by fostering collaboration among donors, nonprofits and the ultimate beneficiaries. By democratizing the access to available goods, services and volunteers, knowledge & best practices, and other initiatives in their areas of interest, Visibility aims to help nonprofit organizations increase the efficiency and impact of the giving process.

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Visibility is an online platform to connect the actors in the social sector from citizens, beneficiaries, professionals, organizations, and governments to learn, connect and collaborate.

Visibility offers a knowledge center, marketplace to help everyone understand what works and what is needed.