Frank Richardson


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Name: Frank Richardson
Organization: OpenTrial
Title: Mr.
I have a degree in Quantitative Social Studies (content very similar to some MBAs), trained as a lawyer in London, edited business magazines and am also a natural entrepreneur. I wanted to advance education and went to live in Indonesia, where, through becoming a victim of the corrupt and dysfunctional legal system, I realised just how destructive and socially/economically retarding such dysfunction can be. In response I established OpenTrial, which is tasked with harnessing modern technology to make legal systems more transparent, accountable and better engaged with civil society. The aim is to significantly reduce legal system corruption and in-custody abuse.One of our focuses is on making fair trial checklists available around the world to lawyers, activists, human rights and justice NGOs, consulates and defendants and their supporters, using software and smartphone apps. Our app was a finalist in the HiiL Innovating Justice awards at The Hague. It helps make judges, police and prosecutors accountable, therefore, reducing torture, bribery, etc.

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La información pública y la exposición pare el abuso y la corrupción del sistema legal. El internet, banda ancha y la tecnología de telefonía móvil permiten el intercambio de información interactivo y, un nivel de transparencia y rendición de cuentas, no visto antes - una solución para justicia!

Unfair legal processes not only result in torture, extortion, sexual abuse and other in-custody abuse, but also destroy livelihoods and the futures of many besides its direct victims. Our fair trial smartphone app deters this through transparency and brings legal system officials to account.