Gregory Bloom

Gregory Jay Bloom

Name: Gregory Bloom
Organization: Open Referral
Title: Chief Organizing Officer
Greg Bloom has worked to organize communities in various ways for over a decade -- ranging from GOTV to municipal budget battles to locally-owned broadband networks. Greg was the Communications Guy at Bread for the City, the District of Columbia's premier hub of health, human, and social services. In 2013, he received his certification in Cooperative Development, and also published "Towards a Community Data Commons" -- an essay on the field of Information and Referral in the internet age -- in Code for America's book, Beyond Transparency. He is now the Chief Organizing Officer of Open Referral, an initiative sponsored by Code for America. Greg believes that another world is possible.

Publicaciones del Desafío

What if a standard set of information about the universe of health, human, and social services were openly available?