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Name: Indrani Sharma
Organization: Ashoka Changemakers
Title: Community Manager (Asia region)
Currently part of the Ashoka Changemakers virtual team as Community Manager - Asia Region. I have worked in the non profit sector for now 12 years in the areas of education, livelihood, microfinance and social entrepreneurship. My most recent focus is Ashoka Changemakers 'New Media program' and its initiation in Asia.

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Poverty compeles poor children of Western Oriss to leave schools at early age . EWYL is an approach to bring back dropout children in schools.It offers a local ,sustainable solution to parents/children to meet the immidiate cost of education without compromising their rights and dignity

Orphan & vulnerable children without parental care often live a painful life,nothing can take away the pain of the children who need care and protection.This project will facilitate t 600 CNCP children to access their education,health care & to live a joyful life through foster care arrangement

As children grows from infancy to adolescent they need to learn different skills which helps them to cope with day to day life . "Child Savings " is a concept where children in child participatory approach learn about individual rights ,responsibility and importance of saving,spending & budgeting.

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Peace Children Care Home is home for Aids affected children who lost their father or mother or both and who are socially neglected and psychologically ostracized by the society and abandoned by their relatives. It aims to bring in holistic development in the life of orphan children

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Motivate Children to Enrol In Schools/Non Formal Education

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By means of SSWS' earnest efforts every child is to be mainstreamed in the society. Also infuse within them consciousness regarding health and hygiene. We dream of a future where children and mothers will be emanicipated from the bondage of poverty and social pejoration.

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'Fun with Colours' and dance therapy a way to develop fine motor and cognitive skills of poor children with physical and mental disability.

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In january 2014 CWC stated that we should have separate boy,s dormitory. We are suppose to build by April if not,We should send the boys out of home who are above 10 years.We dont want to send them because we want to provide good education so that their future will not affected.

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Children do not feel school as an interesting place to stay and learn as its often a claustrophobic place, colourless,uninteresting , where children are scared of.Hence, we will create an child friendly environment, which is colourful, learning materials are as interesting as a child's play.

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Education is power. Without education, empowerment is a mere word only. At NISHTHA, education is aimed at rousing the self-esteem and dignity of girls so that they become conscious of their own rights and fight for social change and lead a dignified life.