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Name: Indrani Sharma
Organization: Ashoka Changemakers
Title: Community Manager (Asia region)
Currently part of the Ashoka Changemakers virtual team as Community Manager - Asia Region. I have worked in the non profit sector for now 12 years in the areas of education, livelihood, microfinance and social entrepreneurship. My most recent focus is Ashoka Changemakers 'New Media program' and its initiation in Asia.

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ALEAP was the dream of like minded women entrepreneurs who wanted to train, guide, support and enhance the lives of ladies. The Asspciation of lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh (ALEAP) was established with an aim to bring Women Entrepreneurs trying to help each other and work in collaboration for welfare Maximization.

The association was established in December 1993.

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Collection of milk at village level and producing cheese as a value added produt in a centre located in the midlle of village cluster

Specialised training on media, community mobilisation, leadership, subject specific training on gender, sexuality, rights, social change and communication methodology, curriculum on all issues,

Hipknit is SHEWDs micro-credit programme providing free training for women in knitting, cross-knitting and weaving.

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