Jesse Chen


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Name: Jesse Chen
Organization: Powerline
Title: Founder
Jesse is a technology strategist with a passion for democracy, civic engagement, and civil society. He is the founder of American Civix Technologies, L3C (dba Powerline). He has been committed to problem-solving for the communities that he has been a part of since he was 12. Jesse served as president of student government in both high school and at the University of Maryland where he served two terms as the president of the Robert H. Smith School of Business student government. He earned numerous awards on campus for his contributions including the Spirit of Maryland (Homecoming King) award and the Maryland Medallion (top 20 student leaders of the 2008 graduating class). After graduating from Smith as the Distinguished Graduate of the 2008 graduating class, he joined a top tier management consultancy and worked across the healthcare, law and justice, public sector, technology, and media sectors. Despite being challenged with problem-solving technology strategy and project management opportunities across multiple clients, he did not feel truly fulfilled. In April 2012, our founder was frustrated with US politics, so he came up with an idea for an app that just asked people political questions. He wondered why the smartphone couldn't be used to help strengthen democracy and connect everyday people directly to their leaders. Over several months, he conducted research with over 100 people of different political, business, and socioeconomic backgrounds to improve the kernel idea. The idea was democratized so leaders or citizens could ask questions of each other. Finally, inspired by his findings, he began assembling a team to build the powerful technology. A movement was born to empower the voice of everyday people by making activism and engagement simpler than ever. Supported by a community of over 450 people, Jesse and the Board of Directors is now in the process of working to build Powerline with the help of two dozen dedicated part-time volunteers. They believe it will systemically transform the way individuals interact with their government and other decision-makers in their lives while providing a platform for community improvement efforts. In his spare time, Jesse enjoys working out, going to the Jersey Shore (only occasional fist pumps), and debating public policy as an independent and moderate. Call him a nerd, but he loves civic engagement so much that, if he had all the money in the world, he would still be doing exactly what he is doing right now with Powerline!

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Powerline provides the missing infrastructure needed for civic engagement and democracy in the 21st century. Our app automatically connects individuals to elected leaders and civil society groups for prioritized, two-way interaction that enables leaders and citizens alike to break through the noise.

Powerline is dedicated to strengthening democracy and enabling feedback loops in any community. Our app automatically connects individuals to their elected leaders and groups for prioritized, two-way communications that enable leaders and citizens alike to break through the noise.xxxxxxxxxxx

A strong democracy cannot survive in a networked society without informed, engaged citizens who are connected to their elected leaders. Today, there is no interactive digital link between citizens and their representatives. As such, there can be no true accountability for leaders to respond to constituents between elections. Our unique technology enables a person to provide their home address and get linked to each of his/her federal, state, and local elected leaders.