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Name: Louis Dorval
Organization: VOTO Mobile
Website: http://www.votomobile.org
Title: Co-Founder
I work to create jobs in Africa. I facilitate investments in innovation, advise social enterprises, and start my own ventures. Specialties: Strategy Development, Entrepreneurship, Change and Operations Management, Private Sector Development, Start-Up Consulting, and Sub-Saharan Africa Experience.

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VOTO removes barriers to insightful communication and feedback loops between the world's poorest people and the organizations who serve them. We specialize in mobile engagement, specifically voice-based, providing equal access and instantly reaching across distance, language, and literacy barriers.

VOTO revolutionizes our ability to hear the opinions and needs of poor people in developing nations. We will regularly survey people across the world and compare their expressed needs with donor priorities to create the Is Anyone Listening? Index" (IALI). Our motto: More Voices, Better Choices!