Luta Valentina Morciano


Imagen de Luta Valentina Morciano
Name: Luta Valentina Morciano
Title: Visual Designer & Communications Officer
I am an enthusiastic Visual Designer and Communications Officer with several years of experience across multiple European based companies and as a freeelancer. I am originally from Milan, the Italian capital of fashion and design, but I currently live and work in Spain. I love sharing information and I have a special passion for Social Design, reason why I am convinced that, if possible, designers should turn their designs into something with deeper meaning rather than just a cool graphic to look at. Therefore, I often individually and collectively engage myself in projects that encourage discussion and promote critical thinking.

Publicaciones del Desafío

HE/DE is a multimedia guide whose purpose is to encourage Spanish creativity in the challenging times that arose after the deep economic and social crisis that hit the country, challenging its users to create and spread culture out of something already existing: abandoned furniture in the streets.