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Name: Mandar Apte
Organization: Shell Internation
Title: GameChanger
I am from India. By education I have a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Mumbai (UICT), India and an MS in Petroleum Engineering from University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the last 13 years, I have worked at Shell in various roles in chemical engineering and technology strategy. Currently I am part of Shell’s GameChanger program, whose mission is to provide seed funding to early stage, cutting-edge ideas in energy and guide them towards a proof of concept. I am also the co-founder of two employee driven initiatives in Shell that encourage staff to bring their authentic self to work, help unleash leadership potential and empowering a culture of innovation. I am active in social work and volunteer my time to teach leadership programs for the International Association for Human Values ( a non-profit, humanitarian NGO. I have been invited as a speaker on leadership and innovation at Singularity University, London Business School, MIT and was recently interviewed by [email protected] for the pioneering work for nourishing innovation culture in Shell.

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EMPOWER (EMPODERAR) é um programa para aumentar a capacidade individual e nutrir a cultura de inovação na Shell. EMPOWER permite aos participantes identificar e superar suas barreiras pessoas à inovação por meio de um processo interativo e profundo de práticas de medicação para desenvolver inteligência emocional e social.

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EMPODERAR es un programa para crear capacidad individual y nutrir la innovación cultural en Shell. EMPODERAR permite a los participantes identificar y superar sus obstáculos personales para innovar, usando procesos interactivos y prácticas de meditación profundas, para desarrollar la inteligencia emotiva y social

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EMPOWER est un programme pour renforcer les capacités individuelles et favoriser la culture de l'innovation au sein de Shell. EMPOWER permet aux participants d'identifier et de surmonter leurs freins personnels à l'innovation en utilisant des processus interactifs et pratiques de méditation profonde pour développer l'intelligence émotionnelle et sociale.

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EMPOWER is a program to build individual capacity and nourish the innovation culture at Shell. EMPOWER allows participants to identify and overcome their personal blockers to innovation using interactive processes and profound meditation practices to develop emotional and social intelligence.