María José Montero

María José Montero

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Name: María José Montero
Organization: Fondo Inversión Social- FIS
Title: Fund Manager and Founder
I am an economist from the Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile, and I graduated from the London School of Economics with an MSc in Social Policy and Planning in Developing Countries. I am currently leading the development of the first Social Investment Fund (FIS) in Chile and I am a director and co-founder of the NGO “Ciudadano Responsable”. Additionally, I participate as a trustee at the NGO Casa de la Paz. My work experience is based in social development issues with experience in Chile and the UK. I was member of the group that created and developed in 1997 A Roof for Chile (Un Techo para Chile) and later on, I worked (2002-2005) at the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) on agricultural development in Latin America as a consultant for the Policy Division of the FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean. In London, I worked on the EPSRC-funded Fair Tracing project and as a member of the Centre for Developing Areas Research (CEDAR) and the ICT4D Collective/UNESCO Centre. Meanwhile, I was a trustee of the NGO LAWRS (2007-2008), which works with women at social risk in London.

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EThe Social Investment Fund (FIS) is a private equity fund whose objective is to invest in companies and social institutions in need of funding to grow, achieve self-sustainability and enhance their social impact. In the long run, the FIS industry seeks to develop a financial intermediary specializing in social entrepreneurship.

El Fondo de Inversión Social (“FIS”) es un fondo de inversión privado cuyo objetivo es invertir en empresas e instituciones sociales con necesidad de financiamiento para crecer, alcanzar autosustentabilidad y potenciar su impacto social. En el largo plazo, el FIS busca desarrollar una industria de intermediarios financieros especializados en emprendimientos sociales.