Paul Gardner-Stephen

Paul Gardner-Stephen

Name: Paul Gardner-Stephen
Organization: Serval Project
Title: Co-Founder and Senior Architect
Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen is a researcher and developer who has a knack for coming up with ideas and making them work. He first came to the world's attention when he developed a fully functional 'Get Smart' style shoe phone. When the Haiti earthquake occured in January 2010, Paul conceived of the idea for resilient communications using mobile phones without any other infrastructure required. By July, a prototype of the solution was demonstrated in the South Australian outback and the interest generated by news coverage encouraged the formation of The Serval Project. Now, Paul holds two fellowships for continuing this research: Rural, Remote & Humanitarian Telecommunications Research Fellow of Flinders University; and Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow.

Publicaciones del Desafío

مشروع "سرفال" يسمح للهاتف المحمول بالعمل بدون شبكة اتصالات, بدون حكومة و كذلك في أوقات الكوارث، كل ذلك باستخدام رقم هاتفك الأصلي.

Serval permet aux téléphones mobiles de fonctionner sans infrastructure, sans gouvernement et en cas de catastrophe - tout en gardant votre numéro de téléphone.

Com o projeto Serval, os celulares trabalham sem infraestrutura, na ocorrência de disastres ou sem apoio do governo – fazendo apenas uso do número do seu celular.

Serval permite que los teléfonos celulares funcionen sin infraestructura, sin gobierno y durante una catástrofe, utilizando el número de teléfono existente.

Serval lets cell phones work without infrastructure, without government or during disaster - using your existing phone number