Rafael Salas-Vázquez

Rafa Salas

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Name: Rafael Salas-Vázquez
Organization: DIVIDENDEE
Website: http://www.liderazgojoven.com
Title: CEO
Rafael is the founder and CEO of RASAVA Group, a business group conformed by Cilforsa, OrganiQuo, Global Institute for Standardization and Dividendee. Also he is President of Fundacion Liderazgo Joven, a NGO where he is promoting sustainability, socially responsible investments, organic food production, human rights and youth leadership. With Cilforsa, he addresses both the need of adequate housing and the recycling deficit in Mexico by converting soda and water bottles into unique, durable homes; Rafael is the patent holder of a machine that fills plastic bottles with earth, winning the 1st place in National Award “Innovative Youth for the Environment, Mexico 2010″. Rafael was recognized by the Líderes Mexicanos magazine as one of the top ten entrepreneurs in the housing industry in Mexico. He is member of Rotary International, Harvard University Mexican Association of Students and Gen M. His projects are supported by Ashoka, New Ventures and Agora Partnerships. During the Young Entrepreneurs Conference organized by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, in October 2011, Rafael was Ambassador from Mexico in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In February 2013 he built in Harvard Yard the first structure with bottles and snow in the world. In July 2013, was nominated to the MTV Millennial Awards. In November of 2013, CILFORSA was considered by PitchBull and ITESM as one of the Top 20 successful startups in Mexico and, received the national award “Stop the Climate Change” (Rompe con el cambio climatico) by the Mexican government. As CEO of Dividendee, a Brokerage Firm, attend the Global Round Table of the UNEP-FI in Beijing, China in November of 2013. In 2014, Rafael has consolidated his initiative to promote organic agriculture in Mexico funding Organiquo, a company to help farmers to get certifications with CerPro in order to export their organic products. In March 2015, Rafael was selected as Delegate to the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan. That month, the CNN-EXPANSION magazine has named he one of the “30 Promises for Mexico”. ________________ DIVIDENDEE. Rafael now lives in NY. with all the experience that he earned in his enterprises in Mexico, now he is devoted to change the finance in the big apple. Dividendee is a startup that promotes Socially Responsible Investments. Dividendee will democratize the stock market for everyone and would generate an enormous impact in the life of the people and the planet. Dividendee will encourage people and companies to evolve the actual paradigm about making money and will drive it into a one more holistic.

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Jul 18, 2014 / 1 Comments / in Reciclaje, Vivienda, Diseño sustentable, Basura y reciclaje

We build all kind of structures with reused bottles.

Yes! We reuse plastic and glass bottles as building material. Our constructions are stronger because we fill the plastic bottles with earth.

Please review our project and help the planet and homeless reusing tons of bottles.

The care of the environment and the importance of access to housing as a prerequisite for the development people’s capacities and the impacts identified in various areas, in addition to adequate and sustainable housing are key concerns for the country's development. Finding housing solutions for people with limited resources, means to improve and enforce a constitutional right which is clearly not met, the bottle house is a sustainable option to the housing backlog.

El cuidado del medio ambiente y la importancia del acceso a la vivienda como premisa para el desarrollo de las capacidades de las personas y los impactos identificados en distintos ámbitos, además de una vivienda digna y sustentable, son preocupaciones fundamentales para el desarrollo del país. Buscar soluciones de vivienda para la gente de escasos recursos, representa mejorar y hacer valer el derecho constitucional el cual es evidente no se ha cumplido, la casa de botellas representa un opción sustentable a este rezago habitacional.