Saskia Niño de Rivera Cover

Saskia Nino de Rivera

Imagen de Saskia Niño de Rivera Cover
Name: Saskia Niño de Rivera Cover
Organization: Reinserta Un Mexicano
Title: Founder and General Director
Majored in Psychology by the Universidad Iberoamericana, specialized in criminology, kidnapping and forensic psychology by the National Institute of Penal Sciences (Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Penales) Saskia contributes to decrease insecurity in Mexico by improving the living conditions of people in jails and the reintegration processes, in 2013 she founded her own NGO Reinserta Un Mexicano, or Reintegrate a Mexican, aiming to transform the nation’s jails. She works to make a better space for the children caught in Mexico’s prisons, as far away as possible from other inmates, who are in for crimes including kidnapping, murder and drug trafficking. She is also campaigning to lower the permitted age children can be in the jail to 3 years old across the country, and eventually stop them being allowed there at all. Niño de Rivera also works to break the cycle by reintegrating youth in conflict with the law back into society. Social leader and entrepreneur, Saskia is breaking the endless cycle of crime in Mexico. Awards 2006- “American School Foundation” – Leadership award 2015- Ashoka Fellow 2015- Next Generation Leaders, TIME Magazine

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En México hay niños que nacen y viven en prisión hasta 6 años, la cárcel los puede hacer los futuros delincuentes del pais y necesitan de nosotros. Ellos necesitan desarrollarse en un espacio digno para que su presente no dicte su futuro. Sin el apoyo necesario pueden ser los futuros delincuentes