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Thijs Sondag

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Name: Thijs Sondag
Organization: Sovation
Title: Owner
My ambition is to develop new products and services that have societal impact. At the moment I am working on different products and services related to healthcare and education.

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Mar 03, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Cuidados para la salud, Empleo, Desarrollo de la juventud

The Think Train is an international high-speed problem solving train in which talents from three different countries in Europe will enrich and disrupt the healthcare system. Sixteen talents with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds will work on so called 99 hours projects from corporates. In 99 hours they will develop a prototype or blueprint for a new product or service which will ignite corporate innovation.

The Think Train is an international high-speed problem solving train, with the goal of making a significant impact on Healthcare in Europe. During a period of 3 weeks, talents from various European countries with different study backgrounds will participate in a voyage of discovery. During this time they will be developing innovative and creative solutions to enrich the current healthcare system.