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TALKING we build PEACE. We give confronted people the unique opportunity to understand each others TALKING through VIRTUAL ENCOUNTERS in LIVE to build together a PEACEFUL SOLUTION to the >30 years old conflict. TO TALK is TO ACT. TO TALK is TO CHANGE.

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We will provide 15 young people from Morocco, Western Sahara, Tinduf, Spain, France and United States with PC+INTERNET+WEBCAM to launch an e-learning programme. They will have weekly educational homework and VIDEO-TALKS where they will discuss about the conflict situation sharing their experiences, knowledge, points of view & propositions.

The Talks will take place with our educators’ presence and with experts in the subject, activists, and artists. ANY person from the World will be free to TALK to find a solution. Conflicts are not isolated; we live in a GLOBAL World so we can resolve things TOGETHER.

We transform the use of media to treat conflicts from unidirectional-objective-information made by outside-conflict-people to Multidirectional-Subjective-Communication made by Inside-Conflict-People. This is a relevant and controversial subject in many countries so people will participate on it. This formula could become a NEW WAY to RESOLVE social problems or conflicts that affects society in a global way. This could be used as an example of how to reach peace with media, inspiring young people from schools.

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We count with both experience in education and audiovisual technology. Talk Together Team, based in England, counts with people from United World Colleges (UWC) and Education aBc. Talk Together has some funding from the European Programme “Youth in Action” that would support the possible face-to-face encounter (2nd phase of the programme). Let’s Talk Team, based in Spain, is lead by me, an young activist change maker with lot of energy and creativity to change the society. Let's Talk Team is a strong team experienced in new media and audiovisual communication: filmmakers, cameramen, web designers, multimedia creators, technicians, photographers, translators… We count with the support of lots of associations, organisations, activists and people from different backgrounds that are involucrated with the situation. Toogether we will be able to create a change in Morocco and Western Sahara World.

Due to the amount of people involved in the conflict, we estimate we’ll get some interest from televisions, sponsors and/or publicity for the web.

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We are supposed to be having a face-to-face encounter next summer 2010. If Morocco's Govern let young people go out from their country, we will publish encounters in live on the website.

Technology for young people + e-learning platform creation + in live technology + Production + Face-to-face encounter = around 50.000 $.