CLIP: Cultural Legacy and Influence Program

CLIP: Cultural Legacy and Influence Program

Doha, QatarMadinat Khalifa South, Qatar
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$100,000 - $250,000
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There is no lack of potential, it's just a lack of opportunity. The Cultural Legacy and Influence Program for Qatari Women enables a chain reaction of social entrepreneurship amongst the women in MENA through providing training, tools, facilities, resources and required funding to Qatari women.

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What if a human chain reaction of knowledge helps in development of healthy child development?
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- Lack of funding and opportunity to learn - Cultural and educational barrier to young Qatari women - No understanding of the problems among women in MENA - Barriers between Qatari girls and potential investors. Lack of Networking.

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- The CLIP program helps funding start-ups among Qatari women and provide them with the required training on soft and hard skills. - Education and knowledge based courses on English language to improve their proficiency in English to be able to communicate with women around the world. - Deep research on issues for MENA women and coming up with Social Enterprise oriented solutions to them, while helping the Qatari women build a sustainable and a long term impact on women in the MENA region
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A Qatari girl (18 - 24 years old) participates in CLIP. She goes through extensive training sessions provided by leaders worldwide over a span of 3 weeks. She then moves on to Social Entrepreneurship set-up training and an internship in a social enterprise where she learns to be the leader in Civic Engagement. She moves forward along with her fellow members of the program to 6 different places around MENA including Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen and Iraq. Her major aim for this trip is to set-up social enterprises on her name while she meets and trains village and victimized women in the countries. As a matter of fact, those women in their individual countries become CLIP members and initiate a chain reaction to other women.

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Since it is a start-up idea, it has no current impact. However, the future consequences of this program can lead to following impact: Empowering 15 Qatari young girls, that in turn empowers 10 women in 6 countries. Among who, each women empowers one other women to set up social enterprises and this in turn helps the economy. Within first 4 months, the Cultural Legacy and Influence Program reaches out to 25 women in helping them start-up. Within a year, through the network of human chain reaction, it reaches out to approximately 100 women and the numbers from there onwards will increases exponentially making a possibility of empowering 6,000 women to help them start-up in 3 years.

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The program's initial cost is 124,000 QAR that will be collected through the Ashoka Changemakers fund of $25,000 + potential sponsors and investors including Awesome Foundation and The Youth Company's YOU-Start Program. The program then moves on to an online platform through which each CLIP member can have access to $1,500 to start-up their social enterprise. The enterprises once started up can donate and sponsors will be approached annually.

Founding Story

CLIP (Cultural Legacy & Influence Program) is founded by three young entrepreneurs born and brought up in Qatar. The idea came when a potential was seen in Qatari women (girls) by their participation and will to support the community around them, however a true platform and opportunity was lacking.
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, DW, Madinat Khalifa South

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, Doha

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