Inclusive Growth For Migrant Workers Through Financial Education

Inclusive Growth For Migrant Workers Through Financial Education

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One segment of migrant workers, specifically the domestic workers who are mostly women continues to to increase in numbers due to lack or low levels of employment and lack of economic opportunities in their home countries. Researches have indicated that family breakup and abuse of children are happening in families with a parent (usually the mother working abroad. Migrant workers are excluded in microfinance activities because they are considered non-poor by microfinance institutions and are too small for the formal financial institutions like banks. Remittances coming from this sector are huge; however, documentations revealed that a very small percentage was used for productive purposes.

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1. Providing access to opportunities (financial & non-financial) to migrant workers and their families in their respective home countries that can lead to microenterprise or SME development (economic objective) 2. Transforming remittances from cash-based to asset based financial intermediation (economic objective) 3. Creation of family stability for migrant workers' families that would fast-track family reunification (social objective)
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1. Profiling of target market - determination of market size, and their needs and wants 2. Designing of a customized learning materials education together with a known academic institution to ensure quality 3. Training of migrant workers on basic entrepreneurship with emphasis on self mastery (crafting their own vision/mission, knowing their interests and passion& personal wealth management) and financial education (modules are geared towards building financial understanding, financial competence and financial responsibility) 4. Those who are interested to set up their own enterprises in their home country will be linked with partner microfinance institutions in the home country. Loan applications are endorsed by ASKI Global after screening and reviewing the applicant's capacity to pay and basic understanding of the business she is planning to put up. 5. Loans are approved and released in the home country through the OFW families; the latter receives the same training that the OFW had undergone in Singapore to ensure that they are "on the same page". Loan repayment schedule is signed by both the families and the OFWs; the family is the principal borrower but the OFW pays for the loan through her monthly remittances made directly to the corresponding microfinance branch. A copy of the remittance receipt is given to ASKI Global Limited -Singapore for filing. (cross border microfinancing) 5. The OFW families as members of the microfinance institutions are also provided access to other financial and non-financial services such as housing loan, educational loan, etc.

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Peers - National University of Singapore, Economic Development Board, Philippine Embassy, Citi Asia-Pacific, Banking with the Poor Network, Social Enterprise Association of Singapore, Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)/Shujog Collaborator/Competitor - AIDHA, a non-government organization under UNIFEM Differentiating factors - (1) use of customized, not off-the-shelf educational materials that have been proven to change mindset of migrant workers(2) providing access to opportunities to start a business in the Philippines while working in Singapore through microfinancing (3) socialized tuition fees (4) availability of trainers for a one-on-one business coaching & mentoring
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