Kiptu - Supporting Aboriginal Youth through Elementary to Post Secondary

Kiptu - Supporting Aboriginal Youth through Elementary to Post Secondary

$10,000 - $50,000
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UPEI students, staff, and faculty will go to local Aboriginal communities on a rotating basis. Kitpu will build relationships and connections between these communities and the UPEI community through tutoring, social events and community projects. UPEI volunteers and staff will go into the communities and academically tutor students in both elementary school and high school. Giving Aboriginal students academic strategies to succeed in school will build confidence and competence and make school a more positive experience.
The goal of Panther Passport is to engage Aboriginal students with UPEI students, staff and faculty, forming a lasting bond that will encourage Aboriginal students to complete their academic secondary education with the intention of attending post-secondary education. The relationships formed by this project will ease the transition to university for Aboriginal students. Students and community members will know about the support services at the Webster Centre. Between the foundational work of kitpu, the academic supports at the Webster Centre, and the more intensive social support of the Mawi' Omi Centre, Aboriginal students have a greater opportunity to enter university and be successful.

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Mawi'Omi Aboriginal Student Resource Centre

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First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.

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To provide Academic and Social supports to First Nations youth in secondary school in order to prepare and encourage them to move forward to post-secondary.

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The intent of Kitpu is to support First Nations learners by going out to meet them where they are i.e in their schools, in their community, etc. The work we are doing involves working in relation with school administrators, teachers, students, parents and the community in order to bring all the resources and supports needed to help the student succeed. The impact we will have is by increasing not only academic performance, but confidence, life skill development, and the opening of real opportunities for First Nations youth through education.

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More First Nations youth in the academic stream (vs general) in the secondary school system.

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More First Nations youth will be in the Academic educational stream and as a result will be prepared to enter into Post Secondary.

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The Mi'kmaq Confederacy of PEI
The Native Council of PEI
The Webster Centre for Teaching and Learning at UPEI - this is the hub of academic and social supports at UPEI offering such services as Transition Year programming, Accessibility Services, Mentoring and Tutoring. Modeling our program on this Centre but with the unique needs of First Nations learners in mind will be beneficial to this program.

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We have donated space from the Mi'kmaq Confederacy where we run our Homework Club and Tutoring sessions.
Schools have also offered space for tutoring as well as their own resources to assist with student learning.
Schools have also volunteered staff time (i.e. teachers) to meet with our team discuss student needs, learning paths, etc.

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