Children play footbal pro-fertility

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Children play footbal pro-fertility

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Infertility is a cross border, cross religion, cross nations problem. For the third year a football cup for children age 10 initiated to deepened awareness to fertility treatments and the desire for creating a family among couples - ALL COUPLES. The children that play demonstrate the so called 'product" of fertility treatments.

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Infertility effect 10% of the couples (150,000 couples)in Israel, that need fertility treatments. They are shame, it is a taboo. The project meant to brake the silence and deep the awareness regarding infertility. It is also meant to show that infertility can occur to everyone - cross border and cross religion. It also wish to emphasize that some of the infertility cases, about 25% may be prevented if youth will use a condom that will prevent STD's infections that may block the tubes at the woman body and the sperm pipe in men. These are the main purposes of the project.

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The idea is to demonstrate that infertility problem spreads allover. It is a cross border, cross nations and cross religions by sport and by children that playing football is unique in Israel and globally. We took the so called "product" of fertility treatments - the children - so children's football teams from all religions in Israel are playing in the fertility football cup. The first cup took place in Holon the city for children in Israel (we have the only children museum in Israel). The idea spread now and we wish to have children fro Africa too but since lack of budget it will postponed until we will have the budget for it. For now Jews, Christians, Druse and Muslims children are playing in the cup along with Media coverage for the benefit of the couples under long and frustrated fertility treatments. We manage to create a joint venture project with the participation of the municipalities of Holon, Daliyate El-Carmel, Nazareth and Tel-Aviv as well as the football children's clubs to this initiate. The collaboration of all the above partners is essential for the success of the project.
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The impact is by the media coverage for fertility treatments, infertility prevention by use of condoms and the need for emotional support via the treatments as well as the fact that it is cross religion and global issue. As deep is the awareness as lower is the taboo and the shame couples feel about infertility. More couples contact us via our hot line for information and assistance and come to our support groups. The emotional assistance is important and increase the rate of success. We also lecture in high schools for youth to wear condoms to prevent infection that block the women tubes and prevent future infertility. The increase of awareness is the important impact.
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CHEN - Patient Fertility Association
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CHEN - Patient Fertility Association


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CHEN - Patient Fertility Association

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13 Vitkin St. Holon 58510 Israel

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The steps that we took were: convince the municipalities to participate in the project as partners. To convince the children's football clubs to participate. To create media coverage about the project and "speak" about infertility in general with the solutions - fertility treatments and infertility prevention - meaning how a use of a condom may prevent infertility in the future. This is the third year we have the project and it is host by the winning city each year. last year is was in the Druse city Daliyate-El-Carmel. So it is a national project.


The association hot line number of calls are increase sharply after the project. The CHEN association efforts to get sponsoring is easier. People talk about fertility and respond to our other projects easilly.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

One of our goals is to increase the project with the participation of more clubs.
First year - another 2 children's football clubs (from 2 more cities in Israel)will participate in the project.
The second year - another 4 children's football clubs (from 4 more cities) will participate. The project will be in few locations and it will become "Pro-fertility awareness week in Israel"
Third year: international participation from Africa - from Kenya and Uganda - will be able to participate in the project with the Israeli children's clubs so the project will be mutual for all. Making this project an international project is the major goal for us.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Being a success needs a media coverage for all the population . If the media will not cover the project it will be much less success in reach the main goal of it. Awareness is one of the main goals as well as reduce the taboo and shame among the infertile couples. Project success is important in order to grow and make it bigger with coverage all over the country and event internationally.
Lack of budget prevent this project to grow. Our partners also have limited budget. In order to grow - we need more budget.

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More than 10,000

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$1000 - 4000

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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CHEN - Patient fertility Association

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More than 5 years

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CHEN partners contributes to the project by offer their assistance ans means. The municipality supplied us with the playing field stadium and trophies to the teams. Business sponsors supply the food to the children and shirts the children will ware after the game to show unify of all to the infertility problems. The clubs send the children to play - contributing the means of transportation to the children. Volunteers will operate the games and fly our association kite between the games.The children will play for the main goal and the media will cover the event to deepened the awareness for infertility.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

The three most important actions needed to grow our projects are:
Increase the media coverage to make us known and make sponsorship easier.
To increase partners share in the cost to allow the project grow to national and international project.
To raise more money for the project to allow us to invite children from Africa to participate in the project. Each of the above 3 will contribute to th project. Each of the three contribute to the other 2 to be better. With better coverage of the media the sponsorship will be easier. With better sponsorship the number of participants will grow etc. With higher number of participants the awareness will be depend.So more assistance to the infertile couples and so on.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

Four years ago I wanted something fresh and unique. I have met in France youth football team age 17 years old from Kenya that came to play with the locals children and than I decided to initiate it Israel with adaptation to the fertility issue - younger children age 10 years old.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

My name is Ofra Balaban M.A. in Public policy and the initiator of CHEN 0 patient Fertility Association.As a former patient I realize that it is important to have a support for couples under fertility treatments since it is long term treatments and very frustrated ones. I established the association on 1998 to support the couples with hot line and support groups and also to change legislation regarding egg donation in Israel. CHEN association is well known today. WE assist thousands of couples and have traditional projects every year that the football project is one of them.

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Mrs. RIta Semboya the chair of Joyce fertility associaiton in Uganda.