Consolidation and enlargement of the Child and Youth Center Tarrafal

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Consolidation and enlargement of the Child and Youth Center Tarrafal

Cape Verde
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Use football to call kids and adolescents from the street. Offer them a variety of activities besides football: information, tutoring groups, computer- and language trainings, arts and cultural activities. And give them as much attention as possible.

As soon as the Center has a strong base and the offers are well balanced, it will be our aim to collaborate with other centers worldwide in order to be able to create an exchange, to create a network of Centers that have similar ideas, to educate children and adolescents, who themselves will be able and willing to create projects or to work in similar projects ... Create a cumulative effect!

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The biggest problem that the project faces is to finance the operational costs of the Child and Youth Center. We are talking about the 35.000 € we need every year to finance simple but necessary things like telephone, Internet, energy and water supply, night-watchman, insurance, car costs, salary of the project management and so on. Our aim is - and we are getting closer every year - to finance these costs with donations that our two partner organizations Delta Cultura in Austria and Germany gather. This is the only possibility we see so far that will sustain the project for many years.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The variety of offers! Just football is not enough to really create future perspectives. Just professional training is not enough to really create future perspectives. Just artistic and cultural activities are not enough to really create future perspectives ... It is the variety! We believe that real change in this world will not come from governments but from NGO's, private projects and/or persons. That is why it is our aim to educate people to be able to create projects or to work in projects that help resolve some of the urgent problems the world is faced with.
Impact: How does it Work

Example: Walk us through a specific example(s) of how this solution makes a difference; include its primary activities.

Since 2002 Delta Cultura Cabo Verde brought more than 700.000 € to the community of Tarrafal. Part of the money was used to build the Child and Youth Center Tarrafal which today: - gives 8 adolescents from Tarrafal employment - gives more than 130 boys and girls football training on a regular basis - helps these 130 boys and girls to improve their scholastic performance - gives more than 40 girls the possibility to live their cultural tradition (Batuko) So the impacts our work has had so far and has every day are many and various! Beside the accountable impacts like how much money we have brought, how many percentage points the school performance of the boys and girls has improved, we give impacts that are not countable just as much importance. Unfortunately it is not countable, or it is not possible to prove, that giving children the possibility to play football or to sing every day will improve their future perspectives significantly. We strongly believe that!
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Delta Cultura Cabo Verde
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Delta Cultura Cabo Verde


, TA

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Delta Cultura Cabo Verde

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Vila do Tarrafal, Ilha Santiago, Cape Verde

Organization Country

, TA

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, TA

Do you have a patent for this idea?


Most important step: honesty in whatever we do and say!
Further steps taken to give the project a longterm sustainability:
- widen our network (very soon there will be Delta Cultura Organization in Germany)
- improve our Internet presence constantly
- try to find longterm cooperation partners
- try to find longterm donors
- staff training

Further steps we take to make our daily work with the children and adolescents more successful:
- improve the existing offers (football school, tutoring groups, etc.)
- get funding for more athletic, cultural and artistic offers
- widen the offers that give the children and adolescents access to information (Internet access, library, etc.)
- widen the offers that give the children and adolescents the possibility to express themselves (wall-newspaper, radio station, theater, etc.)

Further steps we are taking to internationalize the project in order to create a worldwide network of Centers:
- all the steps mentioned above will slowly lead to this goal
- certain results have to be reached in order to work intensively on this goal


- Longterm funding of the operational costs of the Child and Youth Center
- A variety of activities at the Center that really gives the children and adolescents future perspectives, not just certificates of participation
- Educate the children and adolescents so they will be able to educate others
- Educate the children and adolescents so they will be able to create projects that improve the world in what ever area that asks for improvement
- A network of Centers with the same aims

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

First year:
- enough funding for the operational costs of the Center in order to be able to work concentrated and determinated on all the objectives yet to be reached which will keep the offers of the Center that are happening today running.
- intensive staff training needs to take place

Second year:
- the project management will have to find funding for further activities in order to reach the aim of well balanced athletic, cultural, artistic offers and professional trainings
- intensive staff training needs to take place
- Delta Cultura has to start to develop the international project: look for partners, specify the exact objects, ways of exchange, costs, funding, etc.

Third year:
- Delta Cultura has to continue and finish the international project. It will have to be a well thought through and balanced project. The experience of all the partners would have an influence on the the final project.
- By the end of the year Delta Cultura should be able to look intensively for funding
- Not to forget that during all three years the Child and Youth Center Tarrafal is running with all the activities described and aimed above.

I admit that it is a very optimistic view of the coming years. But we believe in it and anyway: it was you that started talking about 3 years ...

What would prevent your project from being a success?

- Missing funding for the activities of the Child and Youth Center Tarrafal including the project management and the staff training. All of them are the basis for developing the international project.
- The only other reason that could possible prevent us from being a success is a natural disaster! We will keep striving on.

How many people will your project serve annually?


What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

$100 ‐ 1000

Does your project seek to have an impact on public policy?


What stage is your project in?

Operating for more than 5 years

In what country?

, TA

Is your initiative connected to an established organization?


If yes, provide organization name.

Delta Cultura Cabo Verde

How long has this organization been operating?

More than 5 years

Does your organization have a Board of Directors or an Advisory Board?


Does your organization have any non-monetary partnerships with NGOs?


Does your organization have any non-monetary partnerships with businesses?


Does your organization have any non-monetary partnerships with government?


Please tell us more about how these partnerships are critical to the success of your innovation.

Of course all the partnerships are important and critical. But as the future showed no one is irreplaceable. One step backward, two forward!
The loss of a partnership can always slow down the progress but can not endanger the whole project.
One strong part of Delta Cultura Cabo Verde is the partner organizations Delta Cultura Austria and Delta Cultura Germany which were founded in order to develop the described project.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

- Staff training
- Improving Internet presence (lots of ideas for lots of new kind of applications. Most of them need a funding first though.)
- Widen the variety of activities in the Center

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

I had the idea for a Football School in Tarrafal when I first came to this small village and saw the enthusiasm for this sport that nearly everybody in Cape Verde has! Proof: three days after we announced the football school was open for entries we had more than 100 kids registered.

The idea for the Child and Youth Center with the football school as a main part of it, came up when we had to leave our training field because the community was building a new market there. We asked the mayor for a piece of land …

Working for 8 years in the field of development aid, working for 8 years with children and adolescents that have very poor future perspectives and to see for 8 years what this lack of opportunities does to the kids and adolescents made me think and read a lot about the WHY of unequal balance of goods and opportunities in our world.
The answers may be many and the truth may be a mixture of reasons but one thing I am sure of: the necessary change that is needed to get rid of this unequal balance will not occur from governments or public institutions.
That is why I have the desire to educate people who then will be able to create projects or work in projects that REALLY participate in an improvement of this unbalance. Educate them to be open minded so they can find solutions that we can’t even think of yet!

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

Estela Amarilia Cabral Correia (called Marisa) and Florian Wegenstein (who is the author of this project description) founded Delta Cultura in 2002 in Austria just before they left Austria to live in Marisa hometown, Tarrafal on the Capeverdean Islands.
As I am the author I do not want to talk about myself and my innovative ideas. I do not even know if I AM innovative. In the view of the problems of the children and adolescents we work with I wish I would be much more innovative.
What I can say for my wife and myself is, that we do not – in any case – consider ourselves first and then have a look at what we can do for others. We are not ruled by any kind of safety thinking. We have both worked for more than 3 years with no salary at all for our projects. Only since the construction of the center in 2005 we have a (not regular) income.
Our lives are somehow proof that you do not HAVE TO have this safety net thinking which very often makes up a part of the life of people in the western world.
For me – growning up in Europe – it is easy to do so. The real innovator is my wife, Marisa who grew up in Tarrafal in most poor social conditions, who could not finish school because her mother did not have the money to send her. Still she is not going with the flow of those who are looking for better life abroad. She serves her community, she helps lots of children and adolescents while she herself is in a constant struggle for survival, too.

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