Football as a means for awareness raising on Girls’ rights, HIV/AIDS, SGBV and Gender Equality

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Football as a means for awareness raising on Girls’ rights, HIV/AIDS, SGBV and Gender Equality

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$10,000 - $50,000
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Football activities that swiftly enchant the interest and attention of youths will increase girls’ knowledge on HIV prevention and management, Girls rights as well as SGBV and gender equality. Through this integrated approach Football will not only be taken as an activity for competition and leisure but a discipline that requires effort and skills to enhance girls’ rights and girls empowerment.

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Though the Government of Liberia has made efforts in promotion of gender equality, through commitment to International instruments such as CEDAW, Law reforms and putting in place different mechanisms, such as a committee on CEDAW, Gender Based violence Task force, and the Ministry of gender and Development. Little has been done to empower girls in sports as a discipline and an advocacy tool for promotion of gender equality. CESP is committed to the advancement of sports as an empowerment tool for girls' rights, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health.The Community Empowerment and Sustainable Program Inc Liberia is suggesting this project as a means of empowering girls to better protect themselves against exploitation and also to help them realize their rights and responsibilities in society.

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Empowering girls in Football compiled with awareness raising on HIV, girls’ rights and gender issues will provide them with knowledge and skills required for their increased participation in prevention and response to Gender Based Violence, HIV and awareness on Gender equality issues, which are major critical issues for Girls’ improved quality of life and participation. This is in line with Liberian government policy orientating for promotion of gender equality as a cross- cutting issue in all sectors. Women and Girls, empowerment is emphasized in all important Government programs, policies and laws including the PRS (April 2008), and the constitution that guarantees equality of rights and participation without any discrimination including gender discrimination.
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The Coomunity Empowerment and Sustainable Program is engaged in community outreach programs on issues affecting women, youths and children.Over the years we have succeeded in establishing Children and youth clubs in eleven schools in three counties( Capemount,Lofa and Magribi).These clubs are engaged in sporting activities as well as sensitisation on child rights and gender issues. This action has increased young peoples knowledge on isssues affecting their development.Also the organisation in partnership with UNIFEM Liberia trained community structures, including youth organisations on SGBV and Psychosocial support skills.These trainings have put in place community based support nechanisms for prevention and response to SGBV issues in four counties( Nimba, Bassa,Grand Gedeh and River Gee).As a result of this initiatives, men's action groups have cropped up and are now engaged in sensitisation activities on women's rights, especially on sgbv and Gender Equality.
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Community Empowerment and Sustainable Program
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Community Empowerment and Sustainable Program

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• Stake holders’ workshop project activities
• County partner’s workshops for project beneficiaries’ identification
• Training of trainers for county coaches and referees
-establishment of female football teams
• Develop promotional items (IEC Materials for awareness raising during football tournaments)
• Holding football tournaments in two Counties


• Improved participation of girls in football activities
• Increased awareness by girls on HIV/AIDS prevention and response
• Increased role of girls in initiating awareness raising activities on girls rights in community programs
• Increased physical and emotional development for girls
• To Promote social integration, conflict reduction and gender equality
• To build self confidence and reduce trauma

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

Year1:Access to funds;effective stakeholder participation as a result of mobilization activities,willingness of girls to participate; participatory planning activities with girls and communities

Year2: Continued existence of girls and links maintained with the Ministry of youths and sports and other football organizations

Year 3:continued commitment from trained coaches and links with football groups established in the first year;

What would prevent your project from being a success?

1. Cultural beliefs about the role of girls in sporting activities
2.Trained coaches wouldn't want to volunteer for so long
3.geographical and occupational mobility of trained coaches and members of established female football clubs

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Less than $50

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Idea phase

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Community Empowerment and Sustainable Program, Inc Liberia

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More than 5 years

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The innovation falls within the mandate of one government line Ministry; the Ministry of youths and sports.Maintaining linkages with them will help in adding value to the innovation at community and national level.Collaboration with an NGO like Right to play Liberia will support the promotion of football for girls,one that is being pursued by this project.We hope to have access to additional sporting materials that will promote our activities

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

To ensure project sustainability and ownership a strong partnership for lobbying and policy orientation will be developed with relevant sector Ministries such as Ministry of education, youth and sports. Other community based structures such as Child rights Clubs, Children’s Parliament and Child Welfare Committees will also be involved in the planning implementation of the project.

The Story
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The percentage of women infected during heterosexual relations (out of all HIV/AIDS cases among women) is obviously much higher than men out of all HIV/AIDS cases among men. This explains the vulnerability of girls in relation to the spread of the virus. Biological factors related to the fragility of the virginal mucous membrane make easy HIV infection. Besides the virus concentration is much higher in the semen than in the virginal secretions.

Apart from the biological constraints it is well known fact the fifteen years civil war used rape as a weapon of war and about (please do a research and insert numbers) women were raped and possibly infected with HIV/AIDS. The situation around women and girls has not changed. There are daily reports on rape and violence against women in Liberia. As government continues to response to the prevailing situation through measures relating to prosecution of perpetrators, it’s prudent to work with girls who are potential victims of the deadly acts. The Community Empowerment and Sustainable Program Inc,CESP is suggesting this project as a means of empowering girls to better protect themselves against exploitation and also to help them realize their rights and responsibilities towards responsible citizenship.

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Football is the world’s most popular sport. It can be used in many ways to help create a better world.
Girls’ football was started in 1997. Many of the girls were doing domestic work and had nothing interesting to do in their free time. Football was an unexpected success. Girls playing football in Liberia was an alien concept. Parents weren't comfortable with the idea and the boys laughed it off thinking that girls couldn’t play at all. But some girls were interested and also saw it as an opportunity to get fit, and the Community Empowerment and Sustainable Program is determined to promote the idea.

Seeing girls in action is a great morale boost for them. More and more girls will want to be involved in football. This project with its integrated approach will teach girls how to be responsible for their own security and safety

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