Kicking Power to Girls

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Kicking Power to Girls

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$10,000 - $50,000
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This football project founded within Kwenuha Women’s Association (KWA) is mainly targeting girls and women formerly involved in sex work in Livingstone, Zambia. The project aims to use football as a way to kick AIDS out, avoid stigma and discrimination, live a healthy life, promote gender equality, and recognize and educate sports leaders with leadership- and life skills.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The clubs are about to get structured and teams are about to get organised (both in KWA and in Livingstone). However, there is no organised league system which the girls /women football teams can participate in. There are only leagues and tournaments organised for boys football teams. KWA itself does not have the capacity to set up a league system today. More partners need to be involved, sports leadership and administration workshop need to take place from grassroot level so community leaders get involved in the organization and running of a football league. KWA has already started to adress football as a girls sport. However tournaments need to start taking place as a way of motivating the girls to participate. To run successful tournaments financial support is needed when it comes to money for building bigger grounds with more fields, playing equipment, transport to the tournament, refreshments and prizes. Today KWA does not have experiences to promote themselves in the media. If a league should be successful in future (involve many people and get potential sponsors) a promotion through radio,tv, newspaper and internet needs to take place.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Today, the sports arena in Livingstone is very gender biased. Boys /men play football while girls/women play netball . However, there is a growing interest among girls and women to start playing football. The most important thing needed is a structure and organization of teams and leagues. The idea is unique because the girls/women football teams and leagues specifically target the girls/women involved and affected by the sex working industry in Livingstone. As a result of the high amount of sexworkers in the city the HIV/AIDS prevalence is the highest in Zambia (30,9%). Through playing and organizing football, empower women with life- and leadership skills, and work hand in hand with Kicking AIDS Out peereducators this project is meant to reach out to vulnerable youth and children from poor communities in Livingstone. The project will benefit the women, children and youth when it comes to health information, genderroles and social awareness. Furthermore, the project will provide the organizors with leadership training which will help them to maintain running the football leagues in future. The project is based within Kwenuha Women's Association, which already runs a sports and rehabilitation program for former sexworkers. The overall aim of the organisation is to transform the sex workers and make them able to earn their way of living other ways than sexwork. The sports program is a way to empowerment. Sport is a social activity which keeps people busy and make somebody become leaders. Workshops teach people how to organise and run clubs, organise tournaments and look for fund so projects become sustainable. Health and HIV/AIDS information shared at the sportsfield with the help from radioprograms and peereducators make the women aware of the risk of having unprotected sex. Through an organised football league, the program would be able to reach out to more vulnerable girls and youth and prevent them from taking part in the sex work in future.
Impact: How does it Work

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Today KWA has 9 clubs based in vulnerable communities in Livingstone. The clubs are all formed by the members of KWA (former sex workers) and each club has elected two leaders to run the daily activities and be the overall communicational link between the KWA office and the other members. The sports programs in the clubs are for everybody, so children of former sex workers mix with children and youth from the community when training and playing. I have been working as a sports volunteer in KWA during a year. When I came the sportscodes in the clubs were very gender biased; women were playing netball and boys football. When visiting clubs I have worked on introducing volleyball and women football. We have played many games small boys against women footballers and even participated in a women football tournaments with other upcoming teams in Livingstone. We are about to gather the best female football players under 13 years to participate in East African Cup in Tanzania in June 2010. Together with the sports staff inside KWA, I have been running workshops to empower the leaders of the clubs with: Coaching skills, refereeing skills, leadership skills, social awareness and health information. We have organised tournaments where the clubs meet eachother and compete in different sports (vollyball, football, netball and athletics). During the year the structure and organisation of each club have been developed. We have identified male and female coaches, adviced them to form teams according to age groups and make up a club register of their players. We have hold monthly meetings with the leaders of the club where news are shared and feedback from the clubs are given. The best netball players from each club are selected to play on an overall netball team which participate in an organised league in Livingstone.
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Kwenuha Women's Association
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Kwenuha Women's Association

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Kwenuha Women's Association

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KWA is mainly targeting girls but including the boys too. The girls often need to be motivated in another way to participate in sports. By recognizing women leaders, KWA has already taken a huge step in the direction of adressing different sports codes to girls.

Networking with other sport and development organisations within Livingstone is important. Ministry of Sport and Child Development, Youth Empowerment and Development and Livingstone Youth in Sport are some of the organization KWA has already worked with. However, for the league to be successful it is important to involve all the organizations based within Livingstone (sports in Action and Edusport)

Promotion: Partnership with radio station: KWA has a connection to a radiostation (Radio Mosi-U-Tunia) which broadcast a program called Sport and Play (supported by International Inspiration). Further steps to get in contact to other types of media needs to take place.

Fundraising: Getting in contact to local companies and other potential sponsors is a step needed to be taken in future to make the league sustainable.


Short term results:
- More girls will get involved in sports
- Keep vulnerable girls /women busy! (less likely to go to bars)
- HIV/AIDS and health awareness among a vulnerable group will improve the health conditions in the communities

Long term results:
- Gender equality: A male dominated sport like football played by girls and women will lead to movement of genderroles.
- Sports organization: A well organized football league will be likely to affect the organization of other sports leagues for youth in the city.
- Less sexworkers in the city
- Decreased amount of people transmitted with HIV/AIDS
- Empowerment of local leaders means building capacities within vulnerable communities.
- A more dynamic city when it comes to child and youth development.
- Better girls football players will in the end lead to a successful Zambian women national team.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

1st year:

- Identifying potential leaders within vulnerable communities (Some of them are already identified by KWA)The leaders should be chosen carefully and should consist of a mixture of male officials,coaches, and organisor (already involved in sports) and women leaders from the different clubs in Kwenuha Women Association. The mixture of community leaders will be beneficial for the development of the project.

- Empowerment and education of the potential leaders in the vulnerable communities within Livingstone. Set up workshops in following topics: Sports leadership, Sport administration, football refereeing, football coaching.
The facilitators for the workshops could be found within SCORE (Sport coaches outreach) which already have a program running in Zambia.

- Choosing an overall committee responsible for administrating and running the league. Hand out specific responsibilities to the sports leaders (coaches, referees, secretary...).

- Choosing a committee within each community which is responsible to build a ground in their community. (cut the grass and setup goalposts, which is maybe only made out of trees in the beginning)

- Looking for sponsors (fundraising)

- Build a central sports ground with many football fields for bigger tournaments.

- Set up the a few tournaments for women/girls football

2nd year:

- Organizing tournaments
- Evaluating tournaments and looking at the way forward (the committee)
- Setting up a league consisting of the organized teams which have participated in the tournaments.

3rd year:

- Running the football girls league
- Dividing the league according to age
- Build grounds for younger players with smaller goals.
- Dividing the league according to locality (if many teams) and play final among the best teams in the end of the season.
- Contact other football leagues in Zambia and make the best teams compete at a national level in the end of the season.
- Look for international promotion opportunities and partners in other countries.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

The project will only be successful if it is runned by local leaders of the communities. It is essential that the introduction fase about identifying and educating the upcoming leaders are done proberly.

If the local leaders do not take action after having been empowered through workshops and trainings the project will fail.

Financially it is important to start the fundraising early and get a good realtionship to some companies who can give support in future. The project will fail without any funds.

Lack of playing grounds is a challenge, since the good grounds in Livingstone are very busy. Therefore, it is essential for success that grounds are builded.

Too much money given for equipment and grounds: The project should be based on people's own initiatives. If grounds are just built without involving people, no commitment would take place, and noone would feel responsible. The main key to success is to give people the capacities to look for finances themselves, teach them how to look for funds and how to write applications. Furthermore teach them how to organize, how to report, how to handle money, and how to maintain a field!

How many people will your project serve annually?


What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

Less than $50

Does your project seek to have an impact on public policy?

What stage is your project in?

Idea phase

In what country?
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Kwenuha Women's Association

How long has this organization been operating?

More than 5 years

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Please tell us more about how these partnerships are critical to the success of your innovation.

The partnerships with other organizations are mainly with other sport and development organizations in Livingstone. Usually the partnerships have been beneficial for us, since we have participated in tournaments organized by others. However there is a problem about making the organizations work together.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

- Identifying the leaders
This is an imprtant step, which we have already started to take in KWA. The community leaders we need to run this project need to be committed and they need to be able to understand and deliver information and knowledge back to their communities.

- Running workshops and trainings
This is a very important step need to be taken since from the trainings and workshops the community leaders are supposed to take action themselves to start the league. Facilitators from outside (for instance SCORE facilitators) should be invited to lead these workshops that is supposed to include following topics: Football coaching and -refereeing. Sport administration course (planning, monitoring and evaluation are parts of this course), fundraising course, and financial management.

- Sports committee
A committee needs to be selected and responsibilities handed out.
It is the committee which need to be leading the actual set up and running of the league. A member from each community should be in the committee and make sure that football girls team are practicing, players are registered and football fields are being built within the community.
It is the responsibility of the committee to monitor, evaluate and develop the league. Furthermore they need to link the league to other provinces in Zambia so the best teams in Zambia can play each other in a final in the end of the season.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

During my year in KWA I have observed a growing interest of women/girls football. I have trained the clubs and participated in few tournaments, where I have been asked plenty times dfrom other teams if I could coach them. The interest is there, but ccapacities are lacking!
KWA has a girls team under 13 going to East African Cup in Tanzania in June 2010. It is new for these girls to play football, and the opportunity to go so far is great to them. The cup has been a motivator which have made them train every day, and they have developed their skills fast.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

Socially women/girls football can move some ideas about gender roles whuich is still very traditional in Livingstone today.
The project is meant to give leadership skills to youth around in the vulnerable communities in Livingstone. The hope is that it will help the communities to be independent when setting up projects in future.

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through NIF - the sponsor