New entry Youth/Women-led Footballers as Peace Emissaries in Philippines

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New entry Youth/Women-led Footballers as Peace Emissaries in Philippines

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50 words or fewer Forge friendly grassroots football competitions between Armed Forces of the Philippines and New People's Army, expanding to regional and national levels contributory to peace dialogues leading to dehumanizing and reaching agreements on the insurgency problem.

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Insurgency in the Philippines is world-known. What is not known is the problem of "war fatigue" between military and insurgents. Both desire peace, and appreciate innovative ways to bring the problem to the peace table through small steps, for a leap to lasting negotiations.

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This is the first that youth and women takes center stage on peace overtures between insurgents and the military, using for the first time, football. In fact, no athletic competition was attempted to bring the elements of the two camps that will foster friendship, diffuse suspicion of motives and an understanding the festering distrust.
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All who in one way or the other been affected by the insurgency-military and insurgent families-pine for the elusive peace and would do anything to bring the insurgency to a solution. They have always intimated to me a "bottoms up" approach is also needed, not just a "top down" method, as is presently being done.
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Bengwayan, Jr.

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1.Salvo for Ceasefire- dialogues between military and insurgents to hold friendly football competitions; 2.Truce Agreements- parties agree on troop peace movement for football athletics;3. Advocacy- informed of football to guarantee public support ; 4.Safe Conduct Pass- participating insurgents provided written guarantee for their safety; 5. Advance Community Well-being of Families-both camps interact with each other;6.Confidence-building Post Assessment- both camps assess and agree on training sessions together to enhance skills,7.Public Recognition- football competitors recognized; 8.The Summit-both camps sit to plan future football conference, while socializing and cultivating friendship among players and officers from both camps and, last but not least; 9.The Accord, "Balik Balikatan Para sa Football," (Return Shoulder-to-Shoulder for Football), signing agreement for future football meets


1.Advances community well-being;2.Emphasizes commitment to resolving issues that lead to understanding; 3.Focuses on neighborhoods as the basic level for delivering healthy competition;4.Gives residents responsibilities;incorporate citizen involvement;5.Increases peace initiative accountability;6.Military and insurgent Supervisors/commanders act as facilitators and expediters of peace resources through football;7.Allows sufficient discretion to beat insurgency;8.Shared community reponsibility.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

Year 1.Confidence-building.Football among the two camps must firmly take roots at grasroot level;Year 2.Regional competition.This can only happen when the grassroot level has grown to heights that it needs to compete at regional level to test military and insurgents football skills.Year 3.Football skills among the two camps at national level will culminate to public recognition and acceptance to engage competition with other football clubs.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Distrust, particularly on the insurgent side will be a factor slow project progress.However,once the youth and the women have shown their faith and won confidence, such attitude will precipitate. If one football competition will successfully be held in a certain town, the effort will snowball.

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More than 10,000

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$50 - 100

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Operating for less than a year

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Less than a year

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1.Appropriate trainings for my volunteer-staff;2.Opportunities for I and RIPE volunteers to attend subsidized international meetings of NGOs;3,Opportunities for grants for RIPE's future projects

The Story
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As health information officer for the past years, i witnessed soldiers stationed in hinterlands Philippines and insurgents as well try to busy themselves when not engage in bloody conflicts. Any tied up rag will do them as a ball as they try to momentarily forget the confrontations. i decided then there was more to make up for their dream, rather than just being a spokesperson and lose the opportunity unify their hope for peace.

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I am the social innovator behind this idea which developed through the years watching two combatant groups kick ball from rough ground as respite from conflict.

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