Street Football Wales - National Project

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Street Football Wales - National Project

United Kingdom
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1 million - $5 million
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The project aims to create a nationwide Street Football network capable of engaging with homeless and/or socially excluded people across Wales, based upon a tested project in Swansea.

The target beneficiaries will be homeless and/or socially excluded and will often have complex barriers which stop them becoming involved in mainstream activities. These barriers may be homelessness, worklessness, alcohol or drug dependency, offending history, history of anti-social behaviour, mental ill-health, learning or physical disability or lack of work skills. The project will engage positively with these people, building on the Swansea model to create partnerships between statutory and voluntary organisations to provide positive engagement, direct support and signposting services.

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Homelessness Anti social behaviour Offending Substance misuse Social exclusion Financial exclusion

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The people we are targeting will be those furthest away from mainstream support provision and will likely to be homeless and/or socially excluded because of this. The beneficiaries, their families and communities will benefit from their positive involvement in the project. People will have complex and often multiple barriers to engagement with mainstream provision due to homelessness, worklessness, lack of basic, life or work skills, alcohol or substance dependency, history of offending or anti social behaviour, mental ill-health, learning or physical disability. Once engaged with the project the beneficiaries will receive direct support or signposting to professional specialist agencies to enable them to achieve positive outcomes and greater independence in their communities. The Swansea project has 7 years successful experience of achieving, monitoring and reporting these outcomes to measure the impact of the project and to inform the project's development. The national project will use this as a foundation for its work with people and partner organisations. Partner organisations will include statutory and voluntary organisations in the regions we are targeting. Statutory agencies will benefit from beneficiary participation through the reduction of social costs relating to statutory services and the costs of offending and anti-social behaviour for instance. The model for this project is Swansea Street Football who currently engage with 150 socially excluded people every month through organised match days. The need is for the project is evidenced by this number alone taking part in the current project. The Swansea model relies on the support of local statutory and voluntary organisations to support their work through volunteering, funding and in-kind donations. The national homelessness network is involved through ongoing support and advice. The nationwide project has been developed in conjunction with all of these partners and meetings
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Currently engaged with 150 people per month and we hoping to increase this over 3 years to engage with 540 people through the creation of a network of leagues across Wales, targetting urban and rural communities and engaging with statutoty, voluntary and third sector organisations.
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Gwalia Care and Support
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Gwalia Care and Support

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Gwalia Care and Support

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01792 488060

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7-13 The Kingsway, Swansea, Wales SA1 5JN

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Business plan - developed
Project leader employed
Networks developed across Wales
League toolkit developed
Leagues developed and monitored
Business plan reviewed by steering group quarterly
Business plan reviewed monthly through Management Reporting processes


5 Leagues set up across Wales
540 people engaged regularly
100% achieving positive outcomes (monitored)
64 people
50 organisations involved in supporting the project
National cup competition developed
National team selected from across Wales and attend annual World Cup

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Year 1
Project leader employed and model of leagues developed with partners
1 new league developed
200 people engaged
Year 2
2 new leagues developed
400 people engaged
Sustainable funding source(s) identified and secured
Year 3
Final new league developed
540 people engaged
Additional funding source(s) identified and scured

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Lack of initial funding
Lack of support from partner organisations
Lack of sustainable funding

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Gwalia Care and Support

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More than 5 years

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Initial funding
Support from partner organisations
Engagement of target beeficiaries

The Story
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In 2003 an employee of The Big Issue Cymru, Keri Harris, took a team of players to the inaugural Homeless World Cup tournament. This proved to be a life changing experience for all who attended, including Keri who returned from the tournament, looked into the provision of social inclusion through sport in his community and realised that Wales did not have a homeless football project. He made it his mission to change this and proceeded to single-handedly set up a street league whilst also working full time. For a short period in 2007/2008 the project was funded by a homelessness organisation and was called Street Soccer Cymru. Unfortunately due to funding constraints and criteria in Wales the money ran out in 2008 and the project closed. However Keri and those who had benefited from the project would not give up - and STREET FOOTBALL WALES was born. The people who cared about delivering this invaluable service formed a committee and decided to deliver the service voluntarily whilst committing to find a way of accessing financial support. Having seen first hand the positive impact of the service on so many vulnerable and socially excluded people, there was a feeling that this service was a necessity in Wales - not a luxury.

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Keri Harris has worked tirelessly for seven years to develop a homeless football project in Wales. Here in Wales there is no funding available for this type of project from the Football Foundation which has resulted in Keri meeting barriers and obstacles at every turn. However he has never given up, and continues to work in partnership with other organisations in the community, developing excellent relationships with government ministers, local businesses, public and private sector organisations and voluntary sector organisations. Keri is motivated and committed and is an inspiration to those who meet him. He is passionate about homeless football and despite working full time, manages to run a 12 team league in a volunteer capacity alongside a committee of other passionate and committed volunteers who form Street Football Wales (SFW). Although SFW already achieve a great deal, they would be able to achieve so much more with financial support.

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Street Football Wales are one of the Inaugural members of the Homeless World Cup and we were made aware of Changemakers through