Unite Lebanon Youth Project

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Unite Lebanon Youth Project

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$250,000 - $500,000
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At ULYP we bring disadvantaged Lebanese, Palestinian & Iraqi refugees together to deliver empowerment and self-efficacy programming via many modalities, sport being a major one. We have a 24,000 square meter campus, but its currently all farmland - and there's no open space enough for the kids to play their favorite sport, soccer. My idea is to have NIKE make a futbol pitch for these kids.

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There's no wide open space on our 24,000 square meter campus for the children to play soccer. We have the space, but we don't have the resources or funding to build the soccer pitch.

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In Lebanon, politics and religion always get in the way of unity. By bringing kids together from different backgrounds and religions to play sport, learn about being a part of a team, and what it takes to win (unity), we'll really help launch the younger generation of Lebanon to grow up with more tolerance and mutual respect for one another.
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We piloted our project last month by bringing together 7 Palestinian refugees, 7 Iraqi refugees, and 7 disadvantaged Lebanese children (aged 9-11) together for an 8 day retreat focusing on teambuilding, cooperation, and trust. It was so successful, we are doing 5 more retreats this summer while we hopefully can get our soccer pitch constructed.
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Unite Lebanon Youth Project
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Unite Lebanon Youth Project

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961 3 31 606

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Debbieh, Lebanon

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Approaching Nike!


I believe if NIKE saw our campus and potential - we WILL get a soccer pitch!

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Simply, it comes down to funding. We have a 400,000 usd budget - and so far the Swiss, Norwegian, and American governments have given us grants. However, construction of a soccer pitch is not allowable in any of the government grants. Our hope is to find sponsors - like NIKE - that will be able to build us a soccer pitch.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Nothing. Even if NIKE can't or won't sponsor a soccer pitch for us, I will personally, make sure the kids get a soccer pitch.

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$100 ‐ 1000

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Operating for less than a year

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Unite Lebanon Youth Project

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Less than a year

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We've teamed up with local NGO, Zakira, to provide photography training for our kids in our summer camp. We've teamed up with World Vision, where they will be using our campus for part of the summer for their retreat, leaving us behind much needed bunk beds! We've teamed up with UNRWA to provide us a local Palestinian chef to cook for our kids. It really has been a community feel - everyone pitching in. It takes a village!

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1. Trust from local and international partners
2. Trust from our beneficiaries
3. Trust from our sponsors

The Story
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I brought a group of 20 Palestinian refugee children to Melek Nimer's property. She brought a group of her elderly Palestinian refugees to her property for a joint bbq, swimming, music, games...etc.

Melek decided then to transform the property into Unite Lebanon Youth Project and hired me to create it - so we can do this every day!

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Originally trained as a Family Therapist, David began his career providing therapy for runaway and gang-involved street youth in Boston. David briefly dabbled as a Crisis Clinician for the Boston Emergency Services Team, and then moved onto provide school-based therapy for several inner-city schools before setting out on his overseas journey as an international School Counselor.

Counseling at international schools in Istanbul, Copenhagen, and Beirut for a 6 year stint, it wasn't until 2007 when David launched the Al Thulathy Al Mareh initiative - recognized and honored by the United Nations Development Program - this project made an attempt to break down barriers and provide reconciliation opportunities for Lebanese and Palestinians to join together. Concurrently, David had also begun, El Rahelet - since absorbed by Social Support Society - a program that buses groups of Palestinian refugee children out of 5 different camps across Lebanon, giving them a lot of first time opportunities such as horse-back riding, swimming, and bowling.

David has volunteered in the slums of India with Goan street youth, and makes trips to the West Bank to volunteer and peace-keep at various checkpoints and conflicted "hot-spots." David holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Southern Maine, and a M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Massachusetts - Boston. He is licensed in the U.S. as a Mental Health Counselor.

David Bakis is from Massachusetts, USA.

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