Finalist Spotlight: Changamka Microhealth Ltd

Finalist Spotlight: Changamka Microhealth Ltd

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Changamka Microhealth Ltd
using mobile technology to make health insurance affordable to the poor


For many Kenyans living on $5 per day, paying an annual premium for health insurance can seem like an inaccessible commodity at best and impossible to afford at worst. When a family member falls critically ill or a pregnant mother requires medical check-ups, many people find it challenging to cover the cost for medical treatment—others can be driven into extreme poverty by fees.

This is estimated to be the situation for approximately 80% of the population in Kenya.

Samuel Agutu developed the Changamka MicroHealth model in 2008 after his pregnant sister passed away without health insurance for the prenatal care she desperately needed. 


Changamka Microhealth is working to  deliver an affordable holistic health insurance package for the 6 most critical illnesses (stroke, heart attacks, heart surgery, cancer, neurosurgery, organ transplant), to Kenyans from low-income families.  This microinsurance model uses mobile phone technology to allow anyone with a mobile phone to accumulate savings and cover the cost of health care. This can drastically lower the cost of health insurance, reduces administrative costs and makes medical treatment accessible to those who could not previously afford it.


Changamka has been working with Boehringer Ingelheim employees to co-create a scalable delivery model which can impact millions of Kenyans who currently do not have access to the healthcare system. At this stage of the Making More Health: Co-Creating a Healthier World Challenge, Boehringer Ingelheim and Changamka Microhealth are coordinating strategic partnerships with players with the complementary assets to make this happen.

As a global healthcare company, Boehringer Ingelheim will use their extensive knowledge and experience in critical illnesses to help Changamka’s local clients, and will develop products and services that educate people about the prevention and management of disease. Changamka will hone in on its relations with clinics and hospitals around Kenya, handling both the client intake and the management process.

Munich Re group, a leading global expert on insurance and reinsurance, is set to join the team as the main insurance provider for this project. Also tapped, mobile network operator Safaricom, which has the infrastructure in place to reach Changamka clients through mobile phone technology and provide m-pesa mobile payment procedures.

Successful results achieved in Kenya should be replicable in any country, so long as communities have access to mobile phones.

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