Finalist Spotlight: Fight the Stroke

Finalist Spotlight: Fight the Stroke

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Fight the Stroke (Italy): Developing a toolkit to help support young stroke survivors and their families


Two million young people are impacted by a stroke every year. Since strokes are usually associated with adults, the symptoms often are diagnosed at later stages when leads to late intervention. The consequences are motor, cognitive and behavioral problems, when the stroke happens at early stage of life, leading to long-term disabilities. Once a pediatric stroke is detected, rehabilitation can be a stressful and difficult process for children and their families. Francesca Fedeli’s son Mario suffered from a perinatal stroke at 10 days old. She founded  the nonprofit Fight the Stroke to help families deal with the devastating effects of strokes. 


Fight the Stroke has created a toolkit that moves rehabilitation for pediatric stroke outside of the traditional hospital setting and into the family home. The parents are able to learn how to guide their child’s rehabilitation partially taking on the role as “health professional”, where empathy and familial bonds at the core of successful recovery. This is assisted by a comprehensive toolkit that creates a fun and engaging rehabilitation process for children, while providing much needed support for their families. This reduces the high cost of care incurred in hospitals.

Fight the Stroke has reached more than 200 parents in Italy to date. 


Fight the Stroke is planning the next technological innovation in the area of early detection tools to better fit the needs and temperament of infants. Boehringer Ingelheim employees, have been teamed up with Fight the Stroke through the Making More Health: Co-Creating a Healthier World Challenge. Together they are developing a co-creation model that could potentially apply Boehringer Ingelheim’s strength in acute care for stroke patients. 

Boehringer Ingelheim can offer scientific expertise and knowledge about adult stroke survivors and adapt the existing tools for pediatric patients. This “Pill-Plus” solution involves drugs and a rehabilitation platform. They can distribute these innovative health solutions through Boehringer Ingelheim’s already well-established distribution channels within the markets.  

Boehringer Ingelheim plans to build a long term relationship with the patient and their families by offering this lower-cost healthcare option. Families of the patient will subscribe to access the Fight the Stroke platform and run the rehab exercises.