GenderMax is a programme that uses arts and entertainment to promote gender equality and empower women, We use theatre plays to echo their rights, we train entertainers, beauticians, fashion designers and improve other handcrafts that amplify their opportunity the society.

Sherina Munyana's New Entry


Sanitation Solutions Group (SSG) is a social enterprise that aims to scale up improved sanitation by providing affordable sanitation products and services to low income households through the market. SSG trains local entrepreneurs in sanitation business models that address specific market needs.

Kevin Mpofu's New Entry


We aim to develop shipping container malls aimed at providing affordable retail space for low-income people, newcomers, youth and people facing
barriers to starting a business. The business also focuses largely at university student housing, providing affordable housing.



O projeto 10Caminhos pretende atuar na geração de renda através do design participativo O projeto na Tríplice Fronteira (Brasil/Paraguai/Argentina) busca integrar setores de maior vulnerabilidade econômica a o crime de descaminho que tem sido naturalizado como alternativa precária de renda.

SAADI'S Young Poultry Farmers


Creates employment, builds skills and robust small-businesses for diverse, poorest youths (including at-risk girls) to form micro poultry farmers across Gambia; with a scalable out-grower model using innovative scalable cages and mobile-refrigerated units to transport to established customers.

Craft Talk Agency


Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight. We’re an Artisan Agency which forges relationships of trust with traditional artisans (mostly women from the global south). We share knowledge, best practices, and connections to collaboratively develop their business and make them stars!