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Girls empowerment

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Our idea is to help young girls those have no voice in the community we are dreaming to empower these girls and equipping them for human right, leadership skills and HIV/AIDS training, we would like to give them skills if we succeed this agenda and empower their livelihood and capacity of their knowledge.

Women's Visioning Power Through Women's CARE Group: The Key To Prevent Violence Against Women

Women's Visioning Power Through Women's CARE Group is the first of its kind. Primarily, this idea visualize that women to prevent from violence should be provided with continues education through the series of training workshops and seminars, one-on-one meetings, intensive follow ups and will also utilize women of strong character and orientation that will serve as peer group and counselling buddies. Women's CARE Group will basically comprise the basic group composed of members from different active women's group in the community from civil, socio-economic organizations.

Mulheres negras e muitos saberes

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Mulheres negras e muito saberes proporciona o desenvolvimento de atividades profissionais valorizando os saberes da cultura afro. Além de formação, qualificação e aperfeiçoamento profissional, permite o acesso a novas tecnologias de informação e comunicação social, gerenciamento, mercado, auto-gestão, empreendedorismo e sustentabilidade.

Development and Delivery of training tools to promote livelihood of women and rural areas


After adapting the Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM), it was identified that the Philippine Community eCenters lack training suited for rural women. At around the same time the International Telecommunications Union ITU and APWINC have agreed to collaborate on the development and delivery of training tools for the promotion of the livelihood of rural women, thus the partnership

SMS Labor Link: A Systemic Approach to Ending Poverty & Injustice for Informal Workers in the Developing World

Informal workers are described as the most disadvantaged workers in global supply chains, where there is little enforcement of minimum wage or labor laws. Research cites that there are an estimated 250 to 400 million informal homeworkers living in poverty worldwide. Child labor, debt bondage, and dangerous working conditions are regularly reported. SMS Labor Link uses uses affordable and widely available technology to educate workers and engage companies doing business with them to adopt the best practices for informal workers.



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Affordable, Professional Self-Publishing for Women Writers and Poets

le secteur de la société civile

To teach women writers and poets how to edit, layout, convert to press ready, and produce their stories, memoirs, chapbooks or nonfiction; inexpensively and professionally by using cutting edge technology and inexpensive, widely available software to produce professional, perfect bound books that are available for sale and distribution to the world using, Barnes and Nobel and others.

In Her Shoes

le secteur de la société civile

In Her Shoes, a 12-week program that aims to train 25 young women, ages 14-19 who have been selected though an online application process in digital photography, web design, and video production with a focus on creating socially conscious media about issues that affect their communities. The program will run in two cycles for the year and result in a online publication and training 50 young women.

Wikiloc a reçu son prix au Sommet annuel de l’innovation en géotourisme

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“Pour un projet comme Wikiloc, avoir gagné une invitation au Sommet annuel pour les changements en géotourisme et pouvoir travailler avec gens du National Geographic est un peu incroyable”, assure avec ton de surprise Jordi Ramot, ingénieur en systèmes et voyageur amateur, l’un des conférenciers et récipiendaires du prix de 5000$US, et l’un des trois gagnants du Défi en Géotourisme 2009 : peuples, cultures et territoires, octroyé par Ashoka Changemakers et le National Geographic. La cérémonie a eu lieu le 2 février au siège social du National Geographic à Washington D.C., dans le cadre de la deuxième rencontre internationale du genre, dessinée dans le but de partager les meilleures pratiques dans l’amélioration de la gestion des destinations touristiques et du développement durable.



*Y.C.* eHealth and Information Systems: Nigeria

le secteur de la société civile

eHealth Nigeria transforms maternal health information management in Nigeria. It provides the timely, accurate information needed to manage facility planning (ie drug ordering), influence funding and policy decisions, as well as providing clinicians with patient histories they can use to improve decision making before, during and after labor/delivery.

Empowering grassroots women groups to create, access and share information to accelerate development

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Women will be trained to use ICTs (computer, internet, web casting, camera, battery, and voice over IP) to create content for economic development. They will be networked so that they can share and discuss the application and impact of the content. During the web based sharing, demonstrations of different processes will be carried out by the women and professionals where necessar