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Fair Wages for Women Teaching Languages Online

à but lucratif

Enable women to earn fair wages by teaching Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, English and Portuguese online. Empower them with technology, business training and increased earnings so they can: 1. teach from home, 2. set their own rates and hours, 3. spend more time with their families. Nine Guatemalan women currently charge $10/hour. Tutors have charged more than $100,000 in lesson fees using Speak Shop.

Mobile Freereporter: You Pitch it, I Text it, We Fund it! - SMS-Based Networked Community-Funding for Investigative Reporting

Freereporter enables people to text news pitches to friends. Friends reply&donate an SMS.Ex: “In Rome gas is too expensive.Reply to 777 to help investigate”.An ad is attached to each sent SMS.The fee of each reply is a donation.It’s the 1st funding model for public interest news based on community networking

We connect people to top business manager on the internet and help them communicate in a direct and transparent way. Questions will be forwarded to managers and their answers will be tracked online. People can vote on the answers.

India Agriculture Portal (IAP)

IAP will be a multipurpose comprehensive interactive web portal (Drupal based), a one stop destination for all information related to agriculture in India. It will be a dynamic graphic interface for information on crop variety, yield, area, geology, irrigation system etc, based on info provided by farmer members. is a center of citizen news hubs in Central America

HablaCentro is a “regional pulse meter,” a collection of citizen news hubs where local communities can share news and discussions in Spanish using cellphones. Hubs consist of an editor, community organizer, and technologist, maintaining the hub, editing and training contributors to increase participation and ownership by the local community.


Afridex is an online aggregator of African business information. It was created for the purpose of making it easier to look-up information about companies operating throughout the continent.

moWoza - Securing upliftment

moWoza is a 'cash-to-food' mobile phone service for economic migrants in the diaspora. moWoza operates across 3 industries, passing the benefits onto the customer. Many LSM1-5 economic migrants don’t have or know how to access mobile internet. moWoza enables this market segment to become part of the digital revolution.