Technologies de l´information


VoiceRaising links university students to refugees in developing countries. Using web-conferencing, students help refugees improve their English through online classes. This improves the refugees’ job prospects and opens avenues of social activism. Students and refugees together write blog entries to inform the university about the refugees' stories.


A ‘New media’ platform for collating tech-based social innovations, to facilitate their development through tech-support, collaboration, peer learning and the adaption of innovations to contexts. There is no known media platform that combines these ideas to provide a holistic way of creating and using social innovations.


Stractor is a web application that will allow individuals to collect data about their daily activities, analyze the results, and optimize their lives.

Bluetooth T-T-TxT

Instead of greatly increasing your risk of an accident by texting while driving, utilize this convenient Talk-to-Text application on your iPhone or Blackberry, allowing you to focus on the road. This is important as it will prevent countless accidents and traffic issues

VoteDoc: Edit the News!

What if readers could edit the news?

VoteDoc, an easily embeddable collaborative editing tool, lets readers propose changes and vote to identify the best ones.

Wiki-enabled news sites would build trust and improve content as readers refine biased language, add context, highlight critical information, and correct errors.