Technologies de l´information

Cry Peace

The Cry Peace Project will support peacebuilding and healing in Rwanda through online and cellular-based storytelling. This is revolutionary in Rwanda, which only gained highspeed Internet access in 2009. The project will expand people’s ability to empathize with the "other" and engage in dialogue, in Rwanda and around the world.

Universal Subtitles

To overcome linguistic barriers across cultures and to enable access for people with disabilities, Participatory Culture Foundation is developing Universal Subtitles, an open, intuitive, and collaborative system that brings subtitling tools to any video on the internet, engaging a global community of volunteers.


“ZOORANET” brings together Israeli and Palestinian media professionals for educational training and joint productions. ZOORANET’s integrative website includes video editing and post-production tools, capacity building webinars, and dissemination platforms. This innovative mix of components, which answers the needs of the Palestinian and Israeli media industries, is unmatched by existing endeavors.

Solata Engagement Technology

Solata is a portal technology that enables almost any size organization to build meaningful relationships with their audiences by creating Web portals that integrate useful content; advertising; opt-in based communications; forums, blogs, and social-networking; loyalty programs; videos, events, surveys and more.

Massive Collaboration

I propose to develop an online collaborative marketplace that is "U-centric" (Aza Raskin) empowering consumers and businesses. As a media source (a technology based information system), my website would improve economic efficiency by allowing every and any business transaction or exchange of information to occur in real time.