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The Learning Village

Adult education,Community development,Corporate social responsibility,Education,Education reform,Information technology,Poverty alleviation.

The PRIMARY GOAL is to turn tools of MASS COMMUNICATION (i.e. TV & Radio) into tools of MASS EDUCATION. In so doing, we will partner our students with experts in every field (i.e. reforestation, literacy, health care, etc.) to create extremely high-quality educational programming, and then freely broadcast those messages around Haiti via DVD field kits, broadcast transmission, internet, and so on (see “The Learning Village”).



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The Learning Village

In Haiti, we are creating Kreyòl-language educational videos and will be delivering them on portable media players (iPods) with solar chargers. We are turning mass communication into mass education and successfully bypassing Haiti's illiteracy problem. Once refined, this idea can be applied anywhere in the world!

Ecoguía Dominicana

Ecoguia Dominicana is an online travel guide that promotes cultural and ecological tourism in the Dominican Republic, to create an exchange space between projects and travelers who are increasingly using Internet as an information and reservation tool.

TeleMedicine for Healthy Deliveries

le secteur de la société civile

TeleMedicine for Healthy Deliveries: use telemedicine to connect phyicians who specialize in high-risk pregnancies with providers who deliver babies, and let the high-risk specialists support those providers who want or need help, and improve maternal health and fetal outcomes while reducing costs and increasing patient satisfaction.