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Ken Banks is a Changemaker: Putting Text Messaging to Good Use

Ken Banks jokingly and lovingly calls SMS technology "software with an attention deficit disorder." He’s referring to Short Message Service – also known as text messaging -- and he knows it’s no joke that SMS can help make social happen quickly, profoundly, and in very hard-to access locations.


World Heritage Tour is documenting the World Heritage List in panophotographies - immersive and interactive panoramic images. Today 25% of the List is available online -- fullscreen and for free -- after eight years of work on sites.

Virtual Mental Health Center for the Underserved

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This model utilizes a credible community resource to disseminate evidence-based mental health care to underserved populations via free internet-based video services (Skype). Patients attend sessions at the community health center and receive care from supervised, volunteer graduate student psychotherapists through Skype (who are at home or in their office).

Peer-to-Peer Support Line

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The Peer-to-Peer Support Line of the Mental Health Association of Morris County provides after-hours telephone counseling to people with mental illness.  It is staffed by trained operators who are in recovery from mental illness.  The operators also use it as a stepping stone towards paid employment.