Technologies de l´information

Fostering the development of sustainable Open Education Resources(OER)

This is a project to build capacity among Ugandan teachers to participate actively in a national Open Educational Resources(OER )collaboration  initiative to establish a self-sustaining project for creation and use of digital content in Uganda schools.The overall aim of this initiative is to establish a self-sustaining OER ecosystem that empowers Ugandan teachers to transform teaching practice using digital materials which can be shared, remixed, and reused.

Madagascar on Gaia

The Project explores the possibility of using virtual worlds to facilitate interaction between geographically dispersed beneficiaries and stakeholders in a donor funded programme in an immersive realistic way at significantly lower costs.

The general concept is that stakeholders, beneficiaries, programme managers and consultants can collaborate, meet, exchange ideas and discuss,  in a context appropriate format (conferences, workshops, face to face meetings) in an environment that makes the interaction real.

KiBO Foundation's ICT and Leadership Program

KiBO Foundation is a social Enterprise registered in Uganda, and runs a unique ICT and Leadership program whose goal is to transform communities through the use of technologies, as a practicle tool for development and further graduate technically proficient students who have high expectations of themselves and their ability to make a difference in their communities. Students who under go the skills training program; Initiate, Fundraise and Implement a community project that will benefit a community in need and further sustain its future activities.



Lujjumwa House
Nkuzongere Road Kansanga

La jeunesse ne gâche rien

Alex Lin, âgée de 15 ans  répare des ordinateurs pour des  familles défavorisées.

Avec de faibles connaissances mais avec du génie, un groupe d´amis remet à neuf des ordinateurs hors d´usage pour les donner aux gens qui en ont besoin.

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IkamvaYouth is a by-youth, for-youth non-profit organisation that enables disadvantaged South African youth to get themselves out of poverty and into university. Its simple but comprehensive model is highly effective, and ensures that learners get the grades, information, skills and support they need to move from secondary to tertiary education.