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Frontier Markets

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FM trains women to market, sell, and service renewable energy products in rural Rajasthan. We create solar retail points and provide after-sales service through technology and on-the-ground engagements. FM has sold 104,000 products, created 800 retail points, and trained 500 women entrepreneurs.



Act2Save, an innovative mobile application, engages participants in a fun and interactive way towards sustainability to help visualize the cumulated impact of small actions.


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Binapani, goddess of learning-knowledge, Tailors is basically a project for making male shirts and kurta out of traditional hand woven Tangail cloth that helps adolescent girls and boys to sustain their higher education and develop entrepreneurial skills to run their own business.

"Silk City" A Revolutionary Game

le secteur de la société civile

Allow workers to learn and exercise their rights in an easy, fun and engaging way. Provide an efficient tool for transparency, training and grievance mechanism that will help Brands in managing responsibly their supply chains. Enable a two-way comunication system. Give a voice to the unheard.

Fábrica têxtil virtual

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Gestão sustentável da cadeia de produção de vestuários através de um sistema informatizado que permite o gerenciamento de equipes virtuais, a fim de otimizar a logística, a alocação de recursos, valorizando a mão de obra e possibilitando a prestação de serviços têxteis sob demanda.

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Farmers worldwide need better tools and knowledge to reduce unequal production issues and improve their yields. helps farmers to increase their dairy production by optimizing production process, lowering costs and improving the overall well-being of animals.

Karisma Kidz

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Karisma Kidz is a multi-award-winning brand delivering positive social impact using digital games with real-world inputs to develop emotional, social and entrepreneurial skills in children aged 3-8. We are uniquely positioned to deliver this, given our team’s expertise in EQ and child development.