Career Game

le secteur de la société civile

Making use of real data, manpower, resources, funds, CareerGame helps to make a career choice by simply solving real problems in a virtual field to gain rewards. In the process of the play, a player can gain skills, work experience, know-how and face challenges.

Sue Ryder care centres

le secteur de la société civile

On the long term basis together with Sue Ryder we are continuously working on increasing respect for the elderly. We are changing perception of the elderly and old people by the Czech society in order to help old people to live better lives and be respected part of the society.

Retail chain food donation

A huge amount of unsold food is thrown in the bin in supermarkets (retail chains). We developed a solution (a process and a network) to save this food. On the day the food expires the stores give it to local charities that in the evening distribute it to people in need. In one year we saved 232.000 kg of food in METRO’s 13 wholesale stores. The upscale potential is huge.

Académie des Entrepreneurs Sociaux

The Academy of Social Entrepreneurs brings together training, support and networking of social entrepreneurs provided by the Centre for Social Economy, HEC-ULg. The purpose is threefold: to provide different audiences interested in social entrepreneurship (social entrepreneurs, students, researchers, etc..) with a place to meet and exchange, to strengthen the capacity of social entrepreneurs and to foster the connections with the academic world.

Marianna von Oranien Partnership

Multi-issues Partnership was created in order to integrate people and institutions around the idea of the common wealth as a sustainable development of Snow Mountain region. The project involved close cooperation between community organizations, public and business partners. The multi-threading of our project made possible the ideas and realized activities. The project included thematic areas such as: education, ecology, art and culture and CSR.

Rent an Artist

Rent an artist is an innovative program establishing non-sponsorship relations between artists and business. Artists learn how to be more enterprising and managers learn a new kind of creativity to improve their efficiency. The program strongly engages employees, increasing identification with the company. Providing the knowledge of contemporary art and increase interpersonal competence, stimulates searching for hidden creative talents.