Digital platform that enables:
1) NGOs to have digital presence, providing:
- Digital visibility
- Communicate their action and needs
- Capture material, financial and volunteer resources
2) Donors, knowing how and with whom to collaborate with & Trust
3) Companies, developing an effective CSR that captures and fidelice customers through a socially useful advertising and marketing collaborating with their local or global community

Why I Move

Why I Move is a social experiment to get you and the rest of the world to think about WHY they move - essentially why you are physically active. It is mindful physical activity at its best! Submit your inspiration and tell us one or more reason why you move and we share it with the world!


le secteur de la société civile is a glocal platform of ‘heart-minded’ people, whose mission is to make unconditional giving and receiving a natural habit. Our intention is to globally facilitate the expansion of post-conventional local communities that are based on personal connection and integral human values.