le secteur de la société civile

HospitaLAR is a project designed to be an entrepreneurial philantropic hospital management replicable model, boosting philanthropic hospitals fundraising and focusing humanizing patients and workers.


le secteur de la société civile

AWA is a project to create a World Center of Education for Awareness and Sustainability.
We intend to provide educational photographs and videos, free of charge, to thousands of schools, universities, NGOs, ministries of education, cities, and to spread them on social networks and on YouTube.

ABEUNI's Health Caravan

le secteur de la société civile

This project is about undergraduation and graduated volunteers teaching on a playful and humanized way about basic health and prophylaxis to poor and marginalized communities, increasing the general health, welfare and emotional state of the served population.


le secteur de la société civile

Underdevelopment arises when society gives too much and receives too little or nothing at all from its inhabitants. Civic accountability should be cultivated and promoted society-wide to allow society gain much more to provide to current as well as coming generations.

Seven Senses


Seven Senses creates unique 100% organic fabrics through a distinctive manufacturing process that enhances product quality, contributes to the sustainable development of rural areas in India whilst preserving and reviving the country's traditional skills

Gestão Responsável dos Resíduos

le secteur de la société civile

O protocolo desenvolve um plano de melhoria nas empresas para os seus processos de gestão, criação e produção com foco na redução do resíduo e descarte responsável. Os catadores serão capacitados na identificação desses materiais para uma destinação mais adequada e de maior valor econômico.

KUDZ Footwear

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KUDZ shoes have birthed from my childhood in Botswana, validated through online crowd funding. The projects aims to manufacture footwear in Southern Africa to emplower local communities and employ people in these rural areas, who are living through poverty and child labour.